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This game is about an unknown country attacking your country with nuclear missiles. You'll as a soldier have to use an anti-nuclear warfare truck/gun to destroy the nuclear missiles!

This game was made because there aren't enough HTML5 games on that actually involve movement and shooting and static websites. However, I am planning to make this multiplayer in version 2 ( Please comment on any concept ideas for how you want to see it!


  • Left-arrow to move truck left (or A)
  • Right-arrow to move truck right (or D)
  • Mouse to aim
  • Click to shoot

Note: On IOS 13, make sure to request mobile website.

  • Press left button to move left, etc.
  • Click to shoot

Tips and tricks

This game is more about getting carpal tunnel than shooting accurately.
There's an air strike--just a heads up!
As the time moves right, the speed of the bombs look like this. After the graph ends, if you are on infinite mode, it will repeat itself, and if you are on normal mode, the game would be finished.


Although this game is very fun and addicting, there are some things to note:

  • The nuclear explosions are way too small. They would cover up the entire page in real life.
  • It would be impossible to create that many nuclear bombs: too expensive. (Is there even enough uranium?) And plus, one nuclear detonation is enough to destroy a whole city, so such a concentrated attack would be too useless.
  • There has never been a nuclear airstrike as far as I know.


We need more p5.js games.


Also, comment ideas below for how (multiplayer) should look!
i.e., give comments below for some concept ideas like how gameplay should be, should it be players working together or attacking each other, etc.


Happy coding!

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nt998302 (179)

@Coder100 Ya! It's pretty cool that you can just make a game like this! The next step is networking...

Coder100 (6515)

Thanks! What do you mean by networking? @nt998302

nt998302 (179)

@Coder100 It would be absolutely insane if you made this game a two player networked game, with scoring or something like that... Maybe add some database stuff along with the server side... ambitious xD

Coder100 (6515)

I probably can
Any ideas on how the game should look like? @nt998302

nt998302 (179)

@Coder100 Hmm... Maybe classic cartoony style, similar to

Coder100 (6515)

Ahh yes
But how should the game be
Should be in teams to overcome the air strike or bases attacking each other? @nt998302

nt998302 (179)

@Coder100 I would enjoy there being several game modes, such as teams as you mentioned, where you defend a base. I would make the bullets a little larger too, as it will make it less hard to destroy incoming nukes.

Coder100 (6515)

sure! thank you for your suggestions!

nt998302 (179)

You are very welcome @Coder100! I develop games in Unity, so I love thinking of new ways to improve already made and great games! :)