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undertale-themed realtime text chat thing
superwhiskers (40)

it's a really simple textchat site with markdown support. i themed it in the style of the undertale textboxes and kept it relatively simple. any time a user joins the client adds a new box to the ui, and it is removed when they leave. the text in your box updates in realtime and other people can see anything you type in it. hopefully it's nice ^^

live version here

katyadee (1221)

THIS IS SO COOL!! I am going to share this immediately. I love it!!

NecrozmaSpin (75)

Should make the text the same font that undertale uses. But it looks great!

superwhiskers (40)

@NecrozmaSpin it's technically named sanschat so i just went with comic sans to follow the theme

CarterStutzman1 (20)

@superwhiskers Yeah, I believe the font is called Determination Mono if you want to support that one.

jajoosam (744)

Love this! I actually built something like this, and played around with friends with it a while ago - (on glitch, still need to port old projects to!)

Idea: try using something like fitty to make text fit right in and give a cooler experience when people are typing :)

B0T (16)

is sansy there ? also nice works!

Kognise (413)

THIS IS AAAAWESOME! Gonna try to make it work with my load balancer.

Zavexeon (1027)

Hmmm... really cool but everybody who I get in a conversation with wants to talk about... questionable things...

superwhiskers (40)

@Zavexeon sadly, i don't think i can do much about that :p

amasad (2521)

It's really cool but I can't get markdown to work. Can you show me?

superwhiskers (40)

@amasad, you can't see it on your end because of how it was designed, but everyone else can!
(it's mostly because if it dynamically updated it in your textfield, it would interfere with editing your message, you can see the markdown-formatted text by opening a new tab and viewing your message box)

amasad (2521)

@superwhiskers ohhhh ok makes sense. Also it'd be nice if I can add newlines

superwhiskers (40)

@amasad ah, yeah that was a limitation i imposed (i forgot why). i might add it again

superwhiskers (40)

oh yeah, it's because it uses a contenteditable div as the textarea