Brute Force Password Cracker
CyanCoding (1608)
I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test my knowledge of Python 3 and its libraries.

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hakxy (5)

@waleed0049: im gonna tell you how just because its basically impossible so even with the infomation i will give you you couldnt do anything with it.

step 1:
hack into gmails database through some exsploit that took you years to find.
step 2:
find the email of the person you want to hack.
step 3:
pull their md5 encrypted password
step 4:
decrypt their md5 password with a wordlist and if that doesnt work wait a year for it to be bruteforced by a hash cracker like john the ripper
step 5:
log into the email and hope google doesnt stop you because youre being suspicious.