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MrEconomical (2199)


hacker, hacker is a coding game that involves "hacking" or editing the source code to solve a set of challenges. in most browsers, inspecting element allows you to view and tamper with the source code of a page, but these effects will only last until you reload the page. however, depending on how the website was designed, you may be able to do some pretty cheaty stuff before your changes get reset. personally, i think this is very cool. hacker, hacker is game specifically about tampering with the source code.


a few notes:


this game DOES require some basic understanding of javascript and html as it is written in javascript, and in order to solve the challenges you must edit javascript code.


to view and edit source code, simply right click and inspect element. here, you can see everything about the web page that is running.


only edit the javascript / html related to the level or challenge you are on (see the console). editing anything else might break your game. also, don't do something like make yourself win automatically. i know it is a hacking game, and you are supposed to tamper with code, but please play the game as it was intented to be played because it is just more fun that way. :)


DISCLAIMER: i am not responsible for anything you may decide to "hack" on other webpages after seeing this game


<div class = "bold">GOOD LUCK, AND HAVE FUN!</div>
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PizzaRules668 (8)

It is an amazing game but my school blocked inspect element :(

Commodore95 (8)

@PizzaRules668 You can get past it using scripts

CodeSalvageON (519)

@PizzaRules668 school blocked chrome:// commands for me, so I use a proxy

PizzaRules668 (8)

@CodeSalvageON If I get caught I get computer privileges taken away!

AdCharity (1270)

@PizzaRules668 :/ did't I say that up earlier?