Coder100 (6639)


Hi everyone, is a fun game. However, you can't log in with and can't build stuff. That is why I am going to be creating a surviv on!
Here are the things you can do:

  • Draw good
  • Have some knowledge of how players and guns and stuff look like
  • Make PNG and/or JPG (please don't) files only please.

This person creates sprites.


  • Know node.js
  • Know p5.js
  • Know
  • Know EJS
  • Know vectors and trig (optional)

This person and I will make the underlying math as well.


  • Know CSS

You design the aesthetics and other stuff.


One way to do this is by voting up!


We will use it to chat and post progress. Highly recommended you join: You can talk about off-topic things and developers can still connect if multiplayer goes down.


This is to add stuff! Maybe log in with GitHub as well? lol

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Warhawk947 (519)

what do you mean by "building stuff"?

Coder100 (6639)

You can mine stone to make walls and blocks and stuff @Warhawk947

Warhawk947 (519)

@Coder100 oh thats complicated owo

Coder100 (6639)

Yeah we will need as many people as we can :) @Warhawk947