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DJWang (1008)

A New Legend Arrives

Hi Y'all I've decided to make another text-adventure game. And this time, it's for the game jam! I'm not that sure if this is the way to submit, but until my discord account is set up, I'll just post it here.

Tips & Tricks

Full screen is recommended. No, I mean VERY Recommended. No. I mean COMMANDED. Without full screen, your title screen will be a jumbled mess of symbols.

Use this link to play instead:



So, I heard about the game jam so I thought if I could create a game kind of like oregon Trail and my Dark Dark Forest game, except the topic would be COVID-19. This game is still in it's first few phases, so if you encounter any bugs, send a screenshot (Cmd+Shift+3) and send it to me in the comments. Will be fixed within a few hours, unless it is more difficult to debug.

Well, that's about it! Thanks for playing, and I hope you like it! Upvote to save the three infected people in my city!


-DJStudios Team

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sugarfi (266)

@xolyon they both use ansi escape codes, it's just some people prefer the way you use each to the other.