Letter Flipper
matthewproskils (343)

This is a letter flipper

Thank you @ChezCoder for the help.
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ChezCoder (1503)

you can flip multiple words using the python replace method,

# reverse the string...
string=string[len(string)::-1] # slicing

# replace the string letters...
thing.replace("a", "ɐ")
thing.replace("b", "p")
# so on...
matthewproskils (343)

@ChezCoder ok
i was trying to learn how to do that

ChezCoder (1503)

@matthewproskils i check on my notification bell

matthewproskils (343)

@ChezCoder hm.. i don't think it works...

ChezCoder (1503)

@matthewproskils ahh nvm replace "string" with "thing"

ChezCoder (1503)

@matthewproskils worked

def clear():
	import os
	os.system('cls' if os.name == 'nt' else "printf '\033c'")

print("150 Cycle Special By MatthewProSkils")
print("This is a letter flipper. Type in any SINGLE LOWERCASE letter or common symbol and hit enter.You can use it as many times as you want, just remember to hit enter after each letter. Type in (clear) to clear")

while True:
  thing = input()
  thing = thing[len(thing)::-1]
  thing = thing.replace("a", "ɐ")
  thing = thing.replace("b", "p")
  thing = thing.replace("c","ɔ")
  thing = thing.replace("d","p")
  thing = thing.replace("e","ə")
  thing = thing.replace("f","t")
  thing = thing.replace("g","ɓ")
  thing = thing.replace("h","µ")
  thing = thing.replace("i","!")
  thing = thing.replace("j","ɾ")
  thing = thing.replace("k","ʞ")
  thing = thing.replace("l","ꞁ")
  thing = thing.replace("m","w")
  thing = thing.replace("n","u")
  thing = thing.replace("o","o")
  thing = thing.replace("p","d")
  thing = thing.replace("q","d")
  thing = thing.replace("r","ʁ")
  thing = thing.replace("s","s")
  thing = thing.replace("t","f")
  thing = thing.replace("u","n")
  thing = thing.replace("v","٨")
  thing = thing.replace("w","ʍ")
  thing = thing.replace("x","x")
  thing = thing.replace("y","ʎ")
  thing = thing.replace("z","z")
  thing = thing.replace(".",".")
  thing = thing.replace("/","/")
  thing = thing.replace(",",",")
  thing = thing.replace(":",":")