A *very* soothing animation and 1k cycle special details
RohilPatel (1308)

Hey there, I just started using p5.js.

I'm going to make a game, which I have decided will be my 1k special. I will then kick off with a third generation of ClearCode.tk, which I'm sure you are all going to like (repl will have a competitor lol).

Ok, this project basically takes a drag click, and you see some yummy colors. Thought this was satisfying

Anyways, see you with the game!

Upvote if u liked


Oh yeah:

Works like sketchbook lol

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potatojs (804)

you can use the hue color mode insead of doing this incrementing thing
the hue color mode is what u want.. i think

plus some css could help like give the score p a position of fixed and give the canvas padding 0 margin 0
the window is massive because of all the padding/marging stuff

RohilPatel (1308)

Thanks for the feedback! I do agree, and although I won't be changing it for this project, it'll be in heavy consideration for my next project; a real game. Do you like this project? @potatojs

potatojs (804)

yeah it's cool :)!
but i think you should check the p5 docs
some functions in p5 are just lifesavers from p5.Vector to p5 sound to WEBGL / 3D and they deserve checking out ;)
good luck with your game!
(and by the way p5 has a p5 dom lib that simplify selecting elements creating them adding events listeners etc)

RohilPatel (1308)

Thanks! If you want, please upvote, it'll help others see and totally get hyped for this 1k special lol @potatojs

potatojs (804)

just a random question what does ts mean in your profile?

RohilPatel (1308)

It means typescript, similar to javascript but with types and nicer syntax. It'll take a few years to replace js, but I know it eventually will. Good question! @potatojs

Theboys619 (27)

Typescript can't replace js since it transpiles to it. @RohilPatel

RohilPatel (1308)

Oh. I didn't see ur comment; getting so many ;)

Anyways, ok, yeah I know that, but I must have meant Deno