Bookie0 (1768)

yep, this is the website you secretly go to every day, to check if the one you love loves you back.
check out this cool calculator and find out what you want, to know!

thanks for comments and tips
and remember, upvoting is caring!!! :) :D :P

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CodingCactus (2193)

you keep repeating in the slow print thing, make a function with it in, it'll reduce the program by like 40 lines or something

Bookie0 (1768)

Hi,@CodingCactus yeah I know it’s very tiring, but unfortunately I dont know how to do a function with the slow Print
Maybe if you want you could show me the code?

Thanks so much!

CodingCactus (2193)

@Bookie0 basically:

def slowPrint(text):
  for x in text:
    print(x, end='')

  print ("")

then to use, instead of print, write slowPrint("blah")

CodingCactus (2193)

@adityaru dunno that's what they have

Bookie0 (1768)

Oh i get it now! Thank you so much for helping me!!! @CodingCactus