Muffinlavania (1074)

After a lot of work, some messed up graphics, and an infinite deck, I have made...

Uno in python!

For everyone who does not know how to play, i just added some rules! They will display quite quickly, but dont worry, it will wait for you to hit enter to clear. This took a lot of time to make, so hopefully you enjoy!

Also to anyone who reads this, you can say the position of the card instead of th card name!

Like in Red 6, Red 7, Blue 8 : Red 6 would be 1, Red 7 would be two and so on

For everyone who wants to, you can fork this project, copy the code or whatever, but please dont say that you made it!


The Uno Stonks are out the roof, but continue to give positive feedback, i am still fixing things in the game
Everyone is absolutely loving this, so if you have any suggestions, even if its something small, comment it down below!

Fixed Things:

Lowercase letters are now working! You can say red 6 instead of Red 6!

The Game is now infinite! When losing or winning, why not play again?

All of you wanted it, so now

The Wild Card is working!

Not really a bug, but some of you are like this:

So it no longer gives an error if you smash your keyboard while picking a card

Win screen now works!
The win screen used to just not show up, but now it should for everyone

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codingduck (8)

you should use the .lower() command so that people can use red 4 instead of Red 4 for people who hate the shift key.
also because the colors all start with different letters(R,G,Y,B) i think you should be able to do R4 or r4 or the stuff like that because it is annoying to have to type "yellow reverse card" to play a single card. a few minor tweaks i suggest, otherwise awesome game man!

Muffinlavania (1074)

@codingduck the .lower() thing i am trying to figure out, because its not as simple as just doing

if your_input.lower() == card_name.lower():

Because each card has an escape code before it, and also the whole card picking thing, you can say what number in the list it is, so like if i had these cards,Red 6,Red 7, Yellow 3, i could say 2 for Red 7