Its Tic Tac Toe!
Muffinlavania (669)

You heard me, its tic tac toe.. nothing interesting. But i am proud of myself because i made all of it from scratch in like 2 hours. You can play with your friend, against the computer, or just by yourself. The computer is not smart AT ALL, its just random moves. Enjoy!
And as a great man once said,

"Upvoting is Caring!" ~ @Bookie0

@HahaYes because why not, here's a 'shoutout'

I will call this my 250 cycle special, so thanks for the cycles people!

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Bookie0 (2643)

I’m a great man? uhh thanks fro the shoutout i guess!

Muffinlavania (669)

@Bookie0 lol by now you are famous for your upvoting quotes

Bookie0 (2643)

Yeah, also for now it’s ok, but maybe for other times refrain from using that @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (669)

@Bookie0 oh sorry, I've only done this once if you want i can edit it out?

Bookie0 (2643)

Nah it’s ok once is fine! =) @Muffinlavania