AlexanderLaPoin (1)
Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot Alex LaPointe Robot
Hero7x (97)
Rock, Paper and Scissors Game
Type "1" for Rock, "2" for Paper and "3" for Scissors You can choose how many rounds you want to play This is my first post, I hope you like it :)
userSM (252)
Speed Read
Yay I'm back (so many ppl missed me, PHSYCE). This is a game that I made that tests your memory and speed skills. I personally find this game hard for...
CodingCactus (4109)
#WEEKLY Password thingy!
Hi! *** So the the challenge this week was to make a password saver/vault thingy so that you don't have to remember your passwords (yay!). It was a...
anyagupta22 (14)
Umm this is a game that I made and this is my 1st game so plz don't judge it was hard for me but this the ng is very relaxing
ObiVibKenobi (169)
2020 - Reflection | Reflect, Remember, and Share | Built-in SocialMedia-like feature
## 2020 - Reflection Now that 2020 has come to an end, it's important to reflect on the year and remember all that has happened. ### Reflection Feel f...
dabs364 (276)
WHY Episode I (1)
# HELLO PEOPLES ## THIS TIME IM BACK AGAIN... ### WITH AN ANIMATION #### YES IT'S __WHY!__ _Episode 1!_ Learn Something! # ~~REMEMBER TO UPVOTE!~...
amasad (3271)
Conway's Game of Life (RIP)
The mathematical genius, John Conway, behind Conway's Game of Life just passed away. So I wrote this Conway's Game of Life in Basic as homage.
VulcanWM (2285)
My New Website
Try out my new website. It is called If that does not work, try
TrentBultsma (60)
Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe
To play, use the numpad to select your square and try to get 3 X's in a row. You will not win a game of tic tac toe against this AI. But if you do, pl...
BobTheTomatoPie (3199)
Calculator With Working Queue and Problem Naming (500 Cycles Special)
### This is my first project that isn't a game! I hope you guys enjoy it. I spent a long time figuring out how to get the working Queue and everything...
DeaconBurgess (76)
its just for fun and it took me 30 minuets
AnvayMathur1 (10)
A cool pandemic simulator my brother and I made 8 months ago
Hi guys! This is my first post so please don't judge. It is supposed to be a pandemic simulator (as it says on the title) and yeah. You can customize...
19wintersp (1121)
ConnectFour with difficult AI 💻🧠
# 19wintersp ConnectFour ### Yet another ConnectFour game and AI! This is a small side project: a fast and powerful ConnectFour game with a difficult...
ArjunSS1 (110)
Repl Inside a repl
![Repl Inside a repl]( An infinite loop
CSharpIsGud (912)
HTTP Server Library in C++
This is a small single-file header-only HTTP library for C++! ***REMEMBER THIS WONT WORK FOR HTTPS*** Simply copy **htpp.hpp** to your project and i...
AlephZero (352)
Game of Life
Left click to create blocks, right click to delete block, middle click or double click to play/pause.
beckettn (6)
Creeper Interpreter
# Creeper I’m proud to announce the Internet’s newest programming language, Creeper. It’s a dynamic, interpreted language. It’s small, but can make so...
YodaCode (81)
# ElectionStats An open-source election stats landing page. [Visit website >>]( ![](
TheDrone7 (1649)
CoronaJam JAM #9
# CoronaJam - A game ## About the game This is a game developed by me along with @Lilykhan using python's django framework in the backend. The fronte...
Eaglesforlifefo (15)
Why You Should Get a Dog
(Show this to your parents to get a dog....)...
XanderEhlert (148)
Pi but not... Just read plz
So I was really bored with this whole stay at home stuff and I saw @LizFoster 's pi approximations. I decided to try to create my own formula infini...
VulcanWM (2285)
The Hollow - Part 5
This is Part 5 of the hollow. Thanks to all the people who upvoted as this has made me in the top 10 contibutors. Thanks to @henryeth for giving me th...
AmazingMech2418 (1016)
π in Pascal
Here is a new addition to my series of pi approximations! This one is in Pascal! Here are the other approximations so far: D -
DynamicSquid (4567)
700 Cycle Special
This was way harder than I thought. So for my 700 cycles special, I thought I'd making something like @CodingCactus 500 cycle special, but just with...
CodingCactus (4109)
#WEEKLY Calculator!
Hi, I made a thingy! So basically, I know no js so don't look in script.js unless you want to be offended by it. This calculator just does calculati...
CodingCactus (4109)
Custom Colour Theme For IDE
Hello, so this morning I made a theme for the ide (the syntax highlighting) which i am quite proud of :) Firstly you need to download the Amino plugi...
TheGameCreator (12)
quotes of infinity
running the program runs a random set of quotes for the rest of eternity comment down one of your own quotes to get the quote running in the program....
adhvaiththurvas (29)
Simulator of Spread of COVID-19
Hi guys, This is my first post. I was looking at the news (with coronovirus spreading and mass panic ensuing) and decided to make a little simulator o...
Coder100 (15689)
Best phone
# Is Samsung better than Apple? **Survey time!** This time it is even better: you gotta log in with To prevent spam, of course. ## Stands Mik...