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IN this repl, I solved a classic programming project called FizzBuzz. FizzBuzz is a challenge where you have to make a code that counts to 100. Howeve...
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projet 3 guichet
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projet 1 tomate
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projet 3 guichet
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YunpengZha (2)
C0py n paste
Do you need a headstart for story mode? If so, copy n paste this!
Seppeboy100 (0)
Made by Seppe Heyvaert For Sint-Lievenscollege Disign Thinking.
HalilOzlemOzlem (0)
Class Odevi için oluşturulmuş bir class örnek repl sayfası.
DiegoMendes2 (3)
Ver letras em uma frase
Exemplo do uso de funções no Python
zrhans (0)
Uso de subprogramas e leitura de arquivos
Cálculo do volume médio de um conjunto de esferas cujos dados do raio estão em uma arquivo texto. Competências: Sintaxe, Declaração de variáveis Expr...
ErlanEduardo (1)
Jogo da Adivinhação (iniciante)
Projeto feito no curso Alura, para aprendizado da linguagem Python em nível iniciante.
Mbhmohamed (0)
Padovan Sequence Algorithm
Different ways to solve the Padovan sequence algorithm
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enter city, magnitude, day, tweet
DiegoMendes2 (3)
Celsius e Farenhiet
Converter celsius para farenheit, ou farenheit para celsius
FloCal35 (369)
[Big Update] Star Wars: The Clone RPG
> I've been working on this project for a month and after writing 1000 lines of code and doing many bug tests, I give to you... # *Star Wars: Clone (...
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Ngũ Hành
Cách tính mệnh Ngũ Hành bằng nodejs
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JSLearner27 (0)
yes but sometimes no. and sometimes maybe. but most of the times yes. although some times no.
DiegoMendes2 (3)
Valor e descrição de um produto
Quando for digitado um código de um produto, devemos exibir a descrição do produto e o seu valor de venda
FabiaSaleem (0)
its a program which helps you chose opetions between 1 to 7 and then will lead you to the subheadings and sub sections where you can fill in informati...
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[please click on the green play button. BYE BYE EVERYONE,
PushkarShingte (5)
Vowel Search
A simple program to search vowels in the entered text. Please upvote, and comment whatever you think
rorybot4 (1)
my hobbies
I talk about my hobbies as you will be able to see, I really like football!
ShahdAmmar (2)
Hangman Game
Make Hangman game using pygame module (to create the GUI) and random module (to generate random words).
MocaCDeveloper (530)
Hi all! I am currently making a vim automation where you run the python file, tell it the file to create, and depending on if it is a .c file, .py fi...
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duck money child hungy funny
DrillingSphere (2)
image manipulation
It keeps saying its spam lol.
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A whole Diner
Choose an entree, 2 sides, and a drink!
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The best post ever !!! Only a try .... .... .... ....