alexzander rescorla
shows how to make the omni trix.
caitlynww (2)
Caitlyn Walters U3.4-5
U3.4 - Nested If Else U3.5 - Reducing Redundancy
52eagle (44)
Click Things Game
hey did you know click the red squares to get points before thetime runs out
NimaSherpa3 (21)
SignUp/Log in V2
Working on V3 currently, I will revamp it based on the current code so stay tuned, feel free to play around with it yourself, but credit me :)
MarkLiu2 (0)
pellets puzzle from raj from a hackerrank thing
AmrhosseinGhadi (0)
AirDrop SmartContract
Airdrop Token With calculating trx balance multiple rate of bonous
amulaik (0)
Tax Calculator
Calculate North Carolina income taxes
NilPatelcs (0)
Our Hangman Game
We made this together for the CUNY 2021 Hackathon using just C++ on this very site
mrlorens (0)
print("Welcome to day 1 of 100Days of Code The Music Band Name Generator") city = print(input("What city did you grow up in?\n")) pet = print(input("W...
Jmajiku (16)
Pizza Delivery
Calculates the Final price of your pizza... 100DaysofCode
BestPornVids (0)
LOL LOL<img src="pic_trulli.jpg" alt="Italian Trulli">
rpfcamapum (1)
This is my version of the game hangman. Any feedback is very welcome
christianvanega (0)
trying it out to see how my website goes
fedoraguy300 (2)
Weight Converter
This program will simply convert kgs to lbs or lbs to kgs. Someone might find it useful.
aboutdawerld (2)
Su Tart Makes A Lemonade Stand Part 2 Season 2
blablabla i am getting bored of typing the description of my repl whatever
ClariceKim (0)
Noomi: A website aiming to help students' mental health through encouraging physical activity.
NarasimhaGudi (0)
Day 1 Project!! completed without any issues. feeling proud of myself!!
leogoncalves (0)
Soma de Arrays com Threads em Java
Uma introdução aos conceitos de computação concorrente
LorenzoDel1 (0)
Sir Tim Berneres Lee and the World Wide Web
Who was Sir Tim Berneres Lee?
williamkelemen (0)
I made a black jack
This is a asci blackjack game I made for Angela Yu's 100 days of code on udemy!
jeffpulido (0)
Project 1 - Jeffrey Pulido
Assignment for C# programming class
AidanMcGrath3 (0)
Aidan McGrath Project
I am getting errors on my program. I am working on the errors now.
darambula23 (2)
Processing Lists
This program shows the multiple ways we can sort lists and take items from them, depending on what we need.
einarmagnus (1)
string splitting in rakudo
rakudo does the right thing
einarmagnus (1)
javascript string splitting
javascript does the wrong thing
einarmagnus (1)
unicode in rakudo
Showing that rakudo does the right thing
gabchmt (0)
That's dope!
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LabboLab (0)
Nitro gen
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, q...
DiegoMendes2 (3)
Utilização de laços
Utilização de laços while e for