sumanth5591 (2)
Web scrapping to get email alert when price is on discount.
I'm Very beginner to Python, I've experienced in Manual testing and wanted to learn Python to automate the simple tasks. So here I've used Beautiful s...
Splectrum Dungeon game teaser
Yet my first dungeon game in progress don't expect quality but expect what I've learnt(which is not a lot I am still a beginner) put into one project....
sojs (287)
Counts how many characters!!!
Very useful in many occasions, used it myself multiple times. Instructions: Put in your text. Computer counts how many characters...
UnderScore39 (2)
So, Welcome, this is a Website developed by User_Under_Score. It's a collection of Useful Web Resources, Links, Fun Stuff, and Current Information. Th...
Mikeh1 (1)
Amical Puzzle
[0:30, 20.12.2020] Amichai: Engineering staircases: Each type of staircase should consist of 2 or more steps. * No two steps are allowed to be at th...
CSS Buttons
A few weeks ago I set out to become proficient in web development, specifically JS and CSS, so I present to you the fruit of my labor (not really :/)....
sahasradarisipu (1)
Rock Paper Scissor Shoot!!
A text based game. The output is also text based
ChrisIsHere (1)
Very Cool Game
Use Code Stable-Spitzi #Ad #Epic Partner ![image]( !...
ClaytonHickey (48)
Word Search Cheats (OCR)
A program that will solve most any word search (Latin characters). This version made it possible to "scan" a word search with AI Optical Character Rec...
AtticusKuhn (241)
Svelte Support and Template in
## Svelte Support [may people have asked for svelte in](, and this template i...
pole55 (293)
For: Sum of ten numbers
10 numbers are given in the input. Read them and print their sum.
theangryepicbanana (1692)
Import a Ruby repl in your repl!
With this small function I've made, you can import a file from any repl (it doesn't have to be on your account!), and it will import the file into you...
Coder100 (15732)
# Weekly Today, I am storing, my PASSWORDs! ... In my totally strong vault of course! ## About This was for @TheDrone7's weekly, and I hope you enjo...
bgrubert (187)
Reflex Tester
Check out this Reflex maker I made when I was bored! Best played in full screen! Just click the start button and click the blue squares as they come...
WhiteDevil29 (2)
Hangman Game
Just started learning coding and this is my Project given to me by my brother. This Game has 3 difficulty levels. And BTW I am an ANIME fan boy and...
InvisibleOne (2386)
Password Generator
Simple password generator, press 'enter' to get a password.
dustinknopoff (1)
TS Pattern Example
Simple example of using [ts-pattern]( for pattern matching in typescript
TheJamCoder (11)
Pokemon Theme Song
I am a fan of pokemon so i will share pokemon theme song
Erise (3)
Cubes and Toads RPG An rpg-like game where you save a town from the evil Toads! C++
C0BR4 (2)
A "creepy" and remarkably pointless game that I made in half an hour when I was bored. Enjoy (or don't).
BuzzawJHKE (20)
Buy Bot Z (gots a shiny new logo)
LizFoster (647)
finding φ
The golden ratio (φ) is the number you get by doing this equation (when given a and b): a / b = a+b / a φ is approximately 1.61803398874989484820 (I...
diffleysnumbero (7)
this post has nothing to do with the file but i guess u can check it out if u want
Anyone want to start development of a game of some sorts, I'm not the greatest programmer but I'm ok and can make some useful modules
HakanPuente (2)
Balance Account
You can add "balance", and add to "savings" some percent of the balance.
TurtleAndrew (168)
A Platformer
Play this work in progress platformer made in node js using symbles.
LizFoster (647)
Wallis Product (π again)
And another one!! That was quick (Lol) Using the Product operator (𝚷), you can skip all of the confusing ∫ math in the Wallis Product for π. This i...
LizFoster (647)
Basel Problem
Alright, another way to compute π, done! This uses an infinite series (via the summation operator) discovered by our good friend Leonhard Euler, whic...
Mendelevium (41)
Random cool facts
Guess what? Artificial intelligence is starting to make its own art. I don’t know why I think this is so cool, but here are a few pictures and a link...
JulianFernande3 (1)
Pygame Platformer Game
This is as pygame platformer game made with a tutorial with moving platforms, scoring, and an auto game stop.
ElanRodriguez3 (10)
My second code game. You can also copy and paste it on your repl if you want, i also forgot you can also copy the tic tac toe one. Why don't we just p...