Hello, World!
"Hello, World!" The classic beginner's statement in different languages. Enjoy! :)
Game of mathssssssssssssss
in this game you do mat, it was made by 2 1 year old kids and they created something very nice my dear friendos
CrustopherH (3)
Perfect Squares
Finds the smallest perfect square ending with two odd numbers.
uzuk (0)
Hello everyone. I am new in this site, logged in with my github account. Very excited!
JonathanMendoco (1)
Pokemon Clicker
A small pokemon clicker game that I made. Share ideas in the comments
ArushWadhawan (2)
say hello
it has a code in it when you click 1 just it says hello then it clears the part where you type one I used os.system("clear")
RayvelArjoon (86)
It's a Space shooter game. Feedback much appreciated :)
I'm using the Phaser3 framework for JS incase you wanted to know.
MrRoblox (0)
My First Game!
I made...my first viddy game....thank yall for comin
MathFrog (0)
Stumbled upon this in Reddit
Hi! I'm a retired Math teacher, trying to teach this old dog new tricks. By old, I mean my preferred programming language is FORTRAN, followed by Pasc...
Coder4 (7)
This is just a project I write within my free time. Comment anything you see that I should change. Comment opinions, and I hope to make this into some...
Embedded77 (2)
Datastore for lua
Hey all, I made this to save values to a specific index. This returns everything as a string. This is meant to mimic the roblox datastore.
LucasPuntillo (0)
Cool logo I made in python
This is just a cool mini logo I made with turtle. Cool right! Please like and comment!
RyanBerwick (6)
Basic C# Text-Based Game
Got bored and wanted to learn the basics of C#, so I made this. It's pretty basic and a little incomplete.
441nic (0)
Can anyone tell me how I can neaten my code? It seems quite messy.
441nic (0)
My first C++ program
I know this is silly, but can anyone tell me how I can make a string variable?
abadull12 (0)
homework week 2
Hi Mr. I am writing this email to take your feedback about the homework, best regards, Abdulla Al-Emadi
derpdizzzzy (8)
I made a pong game in love2d
This game is pong but the ball goes faster by how points you get and move left and right.You use wasd to move the blue rectangle and you use ijkl to m...
Erick1020 (1)
Hi guys is this good or what lmao lmao lm ao l mao lmao lm ao lma o why do i gav eto write so many characters wtf has this n ot been 50 wtf
BoiKane (12)
This is going to be a better version of the old jigsaw I created @SkyyCivil (my account that got hacked and banned from repl talk) my old one I made i...
DarylCroke (0)
AI train letter grad program
This is a simple program to teach students how AI depends on data to make predictions. Students start with a database on E=49. The program creates a r...
imcraft (26)
Pokemon Red in Python (WIP)
**Backstory:** Me and a friend had to make a game for our Computer Science class. We decided on Pokemon Red. This is the intro segment of Pokemon Red...
dylanfyyg (1)
Wow im 11 years old and did this. I hope it works. The online part might ruin it so don't use a different webpage.
G suite browser samples
Just imported from github :| Great though, Must be downloaded
Coderboy099 (0)
This Is So Cool
So I used html and i love the rain effect, i think its cool
RayvelArjoon (86)
Space Shooter
Assets are not by me and can be downloaded at https://pixelgameart.org/web/ ```js console.log('Enjoy!'); console.log('Open in a new tab for the best...
OllieGToX (0)
IDK why
This is a repl designed by a student in Wilson's School ,in Wallington....
Password Saver
A well did, greatest password saver. Use this if you can't save a password or anything.
AtriDey (171)
I found the fastest way to break Repl.it
I was bored and was playing with exponents. C++ variables hit inf in under a second. I turned to Python and made this monstrosity. Repl.it gets a PyM...
remarkablemark (23)
Babel Repl
Web repl that compiles ES6+ code in the browser. Useful for prototyping. See similar repls: - [Babel Repl (React)](https://repl.it/@remarkablemark/B...
Pkrishna29 (0)
CIS 2420 Homework 1
A perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors, excluding the number itself. For instance, 6 has divisors 1...