CyanCoding (2066)
Rainbow Text Creator I built the Rainbow Text Creator as a fun way to bring some color into your text easily.
VulcanWM (2285)
Hollow Part 2
Guys welcome to Part 2 of the Hollow. If you haven't played the first part, play it right now. Comment on what I should do on the next level.
VyomJain (27)
Pokemon Battle simulator
This program is a battle simulator in which you can battle pokemon with your Raichu.You can use items, check enemy stats and attack the enemy PLEASE...
Coder100 (15682)
Node.js REPL
# **NODE.JS repl** So @Andi_Chin made [this]( and then @SvenDeveloper ["made it better"](https://...
BoHan1 (25)
My first program!
I'm old af just started to learn programming this morning and I'm already hooked! Why didn't I do this earlier?
josef24 (19)
Never ending Math Test - How far can you go?
A infinite math test you can never beat, only lose to. Paper recommended.
suryan1234 (44)
My first post on A quiz on Python
# Intro Hey, I'm Suryan, and I am currently learning Python. go ## My first post on A quiz on Python This is my first Python repl: it is a...
katyadee (1270)
Hey folks! A lot of you have been asking me the same kinds of questions, so I figured i'd make a handy FAQ: **1. What's the theme?** The theme is *mu...
katiewinton (44)
This is my first chatbot and I thought it was pretty cool. Here's the link to it:
Zavexeon (1180)
[WARNING: ONE LINE POST] Code Golf: 99 Bottles (JS: 182 bytes)
This is one line, but a surprising amount of effort went into this one little line. For those unfamiliar with Code Golf, the goal is to make a progra...
Super accurate farm animal sounds
Introducing the super-accurate farm animal sounds! Using state-of-the-art technology, we (Or just I) were able to create this super high-tech animal s...
RohilPatel (1518)
Node ChatRoom
this is a simple chat room I made. I haven't quite figured out how to keep messages permanent, so ya. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! New update: 5% credit to @A...
hi people, how are you , i do 3 repl's and it is very fun
generationXcode (307)
Eggvault #WEEKLY This is a submission for the weekly challenge. Please dont try and save your real passwords here, ther...
Leroy01010 (415)
this is under progress new updates will also be made by @Coder100, @Muffinlavania, @nonamebyprogram edit: just fixed bugs today thanks @DynamicSquid...
amasad (3271) one click database
This is super cool. It lets you provision a database in one click and they even have examples. I think many of you use but this...
DigiLab (115)
My Website is finally out! i've been working on it for weeks! its not really that much, it will be updated every friday! # UPDATES - Removed Cookie...
LimanData (31)
Python OS 0.1.2 released
Minor updates/tweaks. Finally finished the documents section, allowing saved documents and a way to clear them if desired. The next version has been...
Kognise (434)
Hi! I've spent the past few days working on my submission, FontKey. I aimed to create something that both satisfies the requirements and is a useful t...
itzkiettttt (3)
Snake game V2
Version 2 of my snake game. Still working on additional features. Originally made on VScode
idrgplayer (117)
Holiday Karaoke Version 1.0
Sing! Sing! Sing! I hope you enjoy the holiday karaoke. :) Update 1 Information: **Basic Karaoke Shuffle songs.** Future: **Lyrics & Playlists** Feel...
Whacko (296)
Look at this form I made!
I just created a cool form where you press continue and the next button pops up! The way I did it is this: ```js var next = 1 function nextQuestion()...
Introducing the Wall Of Ideas!
# Introducing the Wall of Ideas! Have you ever wanted an idea to code or create during your spare time? Maybe you do have an idea but never had the t...
will986will (53)
Will986will's page This website is not finished yet but it is close!
Crcoli7307 (28)
ZealousOS v3.0.0 (The Color/Bash Command/Everything Update)
# ZealousOS ## Our Team @Crcoli7307 (Founder) @BenjaminOBrien (Lead/Head Developer) ## Opening First Off, most credit goes to @BenjaminOBrien for cr...
mat1 (4367)
# SPINNING GLOBE GIF go to to see the magnificent globe ![Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 10.37.30 AM](https://storage...
RohanMadan908 (2)
ECS project
School project with exercises on HTML, CSS, and JS. Final Project is about forests.
PYer (3648)
After a surprising popularity with my simple replit api, (, I decided to make another one. Man...
JordanDixon1 (458)
The Only Unblocker You Need!
# Unblocker V3 The final, most efficient unblocker on Just hit run and it will open immediately. This is probably the fastest unblocker on r...
LuckyOreos (186)
Sooooo yes this is MONOPOLY!!!!