Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Whirlpool (108)
Happy Birthday Alan Walker
Who doesn't know Alan Walker or his music? Who haven't heard faded or spectre or time or alone by Alan Walker? And today is the day on 24th August it...
Pepper100 (6)
Whats your name
A code that uses print and if then else with elifs. Also my first code. Here's the link>
Migwi_Ndungu (5)
This is a terminal based maze runner game where the player is supposed to locate someone hiding in the maze before the scores get to zero.
studentAlfredAl (431)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
viraatvv (145)
Team for C# and/or Java people only.
Please join if you know C# and/or Java. Read the project for more info.
AdriaDonohue (57)
hello!This is my first web site.after i learn html, i plan to learn python and animate.See Ya! -A.Grace ![0e1c1...
AbdellCheikh (1)
First game
after 2 weeks of learning python basics this is my first game project.
jadenmock (5)
The Possibly Infinite Dungeon I made this text game in my computer class when ever I had nothing to do. To win it, you hav...
BehaUlas (5)
Simple Bomber
CodeLongAndPros (1369)
After learning about API's + J(a)son, I make an XKCD api client. You'll enter your comic number. (Try 149 or 378) It'll `GET` to the api 1 or 2 times...
EeshChalasani (3)
BattleShips In JAVA
By: Eeshwar, Chalasani. This game is a classic called battleships played mostly by little kids. Includes a pretty dumb AI, since I cannot code a smar...
xLlxma (33)
Hangman With only 5 lives and a short list of words, guess each letter wisely!
VulcanWM (2180)
The Present
This is an animation relating to the actual 'The Present'. Thanks to @techgeek680 for helping a little.
firepuff13 (10)
Higher or Lower
Pick two numbers, and a random number between those two will be chosen. Then you have to try and guess that number, and the game will tell you if your...
ThatOneDude1 (117)
[GAME][BETAv1.0.2]Top Down Text RPG Made ENTIRELY Out Of
# Welcome! This is an RPG Like maze game with RPG Style Fight Sequences made only using text! # Beta Ver. 1.0.2 -------------- KEY: ---------- Gray...
ameet9034 (6)
Tetris Game!
I have been working on this project for a while, so now, I present the complete version of... EpicTetris! ____________________________________________...
KissFm (2)
Hangman (animals)
This is a game called Hangman (animals)! Hope you enjoy!
BrooksLeyba (2)
My first python project
I know almost nothing of python but I was able to figure this out.
tiki720 (53)
A* maze-ing Pathfinding
A path-finding Example using A*. you can change the areaMap to any array of 1s (Open Space) and 0s (Walls). As well pressing space will reset the AI...
sadiaishak (12)
Fancy Queens Updated
Here is where we print out a chessboard with white and black queens.
adsarebbbad (157)
Java Guessing Game
after a 1 hour tutorial and a few google searches, i made my first guessing game in java! instructions in-game.
octopyBot (263)
crappy indentation
I dare you... fix the indentation and comment!!
GrantKeo (81)
Cannon Fighter Simulator: Console Edition
Another Console game, I hope it is just as fun (, you really need pygame to start _working_ for once.) Enjoy! Note: Please report any bugs to t...
allek6496 (1)
Scope example
Show examples of how Python scopes work
Polymatheo (5)
This is a quadratic equation graping helper...thingie...That I made to help me with my homework :P
kbadrinath_tcsp (215)
lbs to kgs
convert lbs to kgs or kgs to lbs using this easy to use program!
florisbastiaan (10)
tic tac toe AI try claiming 3 aligned squares to win type a number and then hit enter to claim a square.
HeerokDas (14)
Turtle art Showcase A bunch of cool turtle art
DJD119 (4)
My first public program; it's just a little thing I made that produces a random walk on a 15x15 2-torus. Further information can be found in the file...
python88 (172)
my first javascript project!
this is my first java script project. i am learning from books. please help me if you know any special funtions in javascript. thanks!