AntonWingeier (2)
4.2 Exercise B
This was created by Anton Wingeier on November 13, 2020.
studentAlfredAl (440)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
thatpythonkid (17)
Mickey p5.js 3d
This is some p5 project I made with a 3d model of Mickeys head (by me!) and the 3d context
Andrewdagod (2)
My first replit program!
Hello guys! This is my first program thanks to my bro @nt998302
SophiaPeiJinSU (1)
My Day8 of 100 Days of Code: caesar-cipher-4-start
My Day8 of 100 Days of Code: caesar-cipher-4-start
feibiao (1)
this should be at least 50 characters long.
bossotron13 (71)
Socket server manager
So I tried making two repls one a server and one a client and used sockets to connect them, but issues occurred and I can’t seem to make them work so...
NathanielLowis (36)
RSA Cipher (Need Help)
This is part completed code to make a working RSA Cipher. The problem here is that I cannot do one part. I have commented on the main program what t...
MarcusWeinberger (595)
Trivia Quiz!
This is a simple program that utilizes the [Open Trivia Database]( to get a range of questions. You can choose how many questions...
Lamby777 (57)
Lambocorrect (Simple AC)
My attempt at making an Autocorrect. Yes, I know it sucks. \(Trust me, it turned "maek" \(typo of make\) into "meek"
laksh5 (163)
About Me Website
# About Me Website This website is something that I made for the challenge. However, when I tried to submit it, I couldn't. Then I realized that the c...
justinallard (4)
Connect four
sanjanasitar (1)
Countries Word Game
This game is a guessing game where the user first inputs a country. The computer will output another country whose first letter is the last letter of...
Zavexeon (1071)
#WEEKLY: tHe MaGIk oF FraKShuns (Golfed: 23 Bytes)
So I just golfed this. Less is more, am I right?
paulfears (87)
Assembly compiler
uses a simple little trick to allow you to compile and run raw assembly on
ironblockhd (412)
Replit search engine
[this post]( inspired me to make a search engine in node.js. Here it is!
EXPX (1)
Meme Generator
Type something in the text bar to modify the meme words.
A_Moldy_Potato (8)
Instruments Of Joy & Co.
Instruments Of Joy & Co. is a multi-page website about all types of instruments. Made by my self.
NoobieProGamer (1)
Classic Ping Pong
First Game! I Hoped You Enjoyed! Intructions Are In The Game
SharonnOwens (1)
I complete it the roman numerals converter program.
atricklars (4)
Places and Monsters
A game where you move around and randomly find various places and monsters! A typing game.
Aliceq1 (1)
Secret Number Game
See if you're lucky enough to guess the secret number!
adl212 (153)
#WEEKLY Word Order
Here's my program for the weekly challenge. I used flask, just like last week's challenge, to add the web design. I think this is the best program at...
Shaheen_Fathima (7)
Tic Tac Toe Game
Tic Tac Toe Game designed in C++
Muhammad_SJC (87)
Neatest Chatting App
I have worked on this app for a very long time (okay, maybe not that long) but it looks pretty good. All the updates are in the app as well as: - Noti...
MocaCDeveloper (523)
Structs In Python
Howdy! So, I thought I'd do a mini-project in Python attempting to something I am very familiar with, _Structs_. Now, while it is nearly just a dict...
pr0p3rno0b10 (31)
Caesar Cypher Decoder
Welcome to Caesar Cypher Decoder. To decode your cypher the console will ask you two questions: 1. Your cypher 2. Was the cypher reversed Upvotes a...
dtd (1)
If a number is even or odd
This program decides if a number is even or odd. Print() allows text to show up. The program decides if the inputted number is even or odd.
python88 (282)
this is a work in progress. i'm still working on it. please give me advice on this. this is an adventure game. Good Luck!
abdulbaseer657 (1)
this file) has the soluton for 1st and 2nd problems.