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bello_cat (9)
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!
play the game rock, paper, scissors :)
Programmer567 (46)
Page hacks for everyone and anyone!
This site is all about some *page hacks* you can do (not really hacks but you get the idea)! And if you have any ideas, share them in the comments dow...
IreoluwaRaufu (194)
CSS Buttons
A few weeks ago I set out to become proficient in web development, specifically JS and CSS, so I present to you the fruit of my labor (not really :/)....
TheCoiledViper (57)
Uncrackable Caesar Cipher!
Check It Out -
NahitSefa (0)
Creating a Strong Password(Turkey)
This code in progress. Actually this is a trial for learn something new skills. Unfortunalty that post has to long than 50. That's why I am writing.
Magic Kingdom
Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the ga...
inhaq (5)
Paid4Cell eCommerce (beta)
SherlockFappi (2)
Simple Calculator with History
Gets 2 numbers and an operator from the user and prints the result to the screen; saves history in history.txt
gantr833 (160)
Addicting Rock Paper Scissors
A rock paper scissors against a computer.
macadaegk21 (5)
A game in which 2-4 players are placed onto a grid and fight each other. Players fight by moving into an occupied space. Resting at full health will i...
ClaireBookworm (7) - for the LAZY
Basically a website with absolutely no pictures, and only one general color, but very useful....... code: websi...
VulcanWM (1965)
Journey through Quidditch Part 1
This game will help you journey through the world of Harry Potter. In this part of the game, you will face the Quidditch Trials. I am still trying to...
Nettakrim (379)
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock with self learning AI!
rock papaer scisoor lizard spock, the more it gets played the more it learns text colors mean: mint - just text purple - ai acted with knowledge yello...
KingKiloe (5)
A simple assistant... My attempt at recreating Siri/Alexa/Cortana. You can ask it what game you are describing, e.g. "In what game was the meteor mean...
Reuben123 (20)
Sound in, python?
Hey guys, I made this a few days ago. Can you hear sound? If you want to use this code feel free to. No need to credit. Hope you are having/had a g...
Darkgamer23 (6)
Calculate your grades for a class :)
One of my first programs that actually does something useful. Hopefully this helps someone I dunno.
ssp4all (6)
Extremely simple Resume Builder tool . Download Resume for free in pdf :\) if u liked it do upvote code - webapp -...
josephborromeo (7)
Prison Escape SO COOL
MuhammadArshad (7)
Painting Simulator
You can draw here. You can use only colours which have no name\(e.g \#a1ff00 \) or one word colours\(e.g blue\). Enjoy!
tirthraj07 (12)
Hangman | Guess The Word Multiplayer Edition! i just want to say........ i am tired! It took alot of time to write this program and its about 1300 lines of c...
VulcanWM (1965)
Guess the password
This game is impossible. The password is the most randomest password ever.
KobeFF (355)
How can you make this chat bot better?
this was not a group project. I got bored at school so I created this. I'm not very experienced, but I'm willing to get help and take some suggestions...
Brandaboss (85)
Tic-Tac-Toe Python
This bot is not too hard, not too easy. Enjoy!
TurtleAndrew (45)
A Platformer
Play this work in progress platformer made in node js using symbles.
Haren07 (5)
a little RPG i made, hope you enjoy!
targetfanttthat (98)
Just something in golang
Just thought I'd share my beginning experiences with the golang programming language. This project has no use to it but still thought it was a bit ne...
AnhNguyen4 (5)
This is an encryption/decryption software inspired by the infamous Enigma machine from WW2 Enjoy
jajoosam (708)
🤟 Skrrt - Music recommendations, done right.
I'm so excited to finally share skrrt with all of you! I spend several hours every week curating my music - I can't rely on spotify recommendations t...
Pepper100 (6)
Whats your name
A code that uses print and if then else with elifs. Also my first code. Here's the link>
WaruchJiratanak (5)
rock paper scissors shoot game
A rock paper scissors shoot game I made on python.