TigerTheCat (21)
📝DBNotes📝: A note-keeping program that uses the Repl.it Database module!
DBNotes is still in development, so expect bugs. If you do find bugs or want a feature added, please tell me in the comments. Any feedback is apprecia...
ThisUserTaken (235)
The Potato Wars (Chapter 4!)
You're a potato and got abducted by the apple aliens. Escape by being `big brain` and stay tuned for chapter 5! Edit: Chapter 2 was added Edit: Chapte...
rrrrobb (1)
I was bored hope you like it so yeah
MarcusWeinberger (678)
Online Note Taking App with full markdown and HTML support
# notes.marcusj.tech ![demo](https://i.imgur.com/wMiO9h3.gif) A simple, clean, notepad in your browser! Full markdown support with instant rendering...
PH1 (159)
An original maze game I created which has some level of difficulty to it. Now unlocked Now with permanent scoreboard again (sometimes)
TheCheeseCoder (61)
The Pokémon Battle System
# Pokémon Battle System The 'Pokémon Battle System' is a program in which you can choose your Pokémon and battle it with another Pokémon. This game w...
EliasTheGreat (41)
mad libs generator
This is an online mad lib that takes your inputs and puts them into the story. This is the second repl that I've made so I hope you enjoy it.
EmilieWigneron (1)
Activité intro variable aléatoire
Activité intro variable aléatoire Première
IsaiahCrotzer (1)
proto tipe
talk to the computer it's not complete
SarahStevenson (5)
guess the number
guess a number between 0 and 3
Bookie0 (5657)
Yahtzee!!! 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲
Yahtzee # Hello hello hello! I made **Yahtzee**! (Kinda) #### So what is Yahtzee? Yahtzee is a popular dice game where you have 5 dice (each dice...
DannyIsCoding (697)
G.O.O.S.E (100 Cycles Special) :)
I want to thank all of you for helping me reach 100 cycles! For reaching this milestone I made this game. Thanks @CodingCactus for helping me so the...
Shopping Simulator
I made a little shopping simulator, where you can buy stuff, and get startup money. Please feel free to make this a little better. Somethings you can...
EmmanuelAlbert (2)
Python Basics ......Password Checker
this is a fun program that prints out your password in an encrypted form and it can tell you the length of it....enjoy
BobTheTomatoPie (3196)
Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
### Sanctuary Simulator Welcome to the first version of Sanctuary Simulator, my new game where you can simulate a sanctuary that you design. This is i...
OctaviaCaldwell (3)
Basic Website
Hey guys, I think this is my first post. This is a easy version of a website. Feel free to fork this or whatever, change what you want, and when you p...
Codemonkey51 (1035)
find if a user spams (or try to)
this project will take a name and try to figure out does that user spam (it is not 100% correct and never will be) it checks how many times they repea...
epicman702 (464)
A simple dungeon game
This is the third time I'm posting this. (Sorry for the spam devs) This is a simple dungeon game. All the RPG and dungeon games have been to complex f...
BobTheTomatoPie (3196)
Heaven Or Hell: An angel Simulator (Version 1.0)
### Heaven or Hell? You are an angel and get to decide whether or not someone goes to Heaven or Hell! You can answer prayers and even buy fun Items. G...
CoolJames1610 (665)
⭕❌ Noughts And Crosses ONLINE ❌⭕
# ⭕❌ **Noughts And Crosses ONLINE** ❌⭕ An offline and online game created using Python and Pymongo *** ## **What is this?** This is a noughts and...
angrydoge (458)
Avocado - A client for blog.repl.it/__logs
# Hello! Avocado is a client for [the repl logs](https://blog.repl.it/__logs) to use to chat. # Instructions: 1. Open https://blog.repl.it/__logs 2....
LuckyOreos (186)
Would You Rather Questions Generator
This is pretty basic but fun I guess!!! It has like a hundred questions!!
Seazyns (213)
🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
**Helpers:** Ezolite and Xobeen **Full Patchnotes**: https://pastebin.com/raw/81Pfk51Y **To Fork The Game**: https://repl.it/@Seazyns/Hero-Legends
Villeboifirst (3)
You can make a copy of the code and then either copy and paste the code into your own repl, or use the original copy. REMEMBER: YOU NEED TO MAKE THE ....
fgarry25 (107)
Quick game I made
Here is a quick game I made inspired by The Stanley Parable! Check it out
VulcanWM (2296)
Diamond Risk
I would call this my best game I have ever made. To win the game, you have to get to as many diamonds as you can without dying. You actually need to b...
AndrewZhao1 (60)
Wack a Mole
Wack the mole over and over again until you get tired. This took me around 4 hours. (You can now see the highscore)(also how is this on trending? I li...
epicman702 (464)
Ad infinitum
Welp... another dungeon game Lets review the series so far... 1) simple dungeon - Simple! 2) medieval RPG - My friends made a joke, not simple dungeo...
CodingDoge (68)
Have you ever forgot some information on a repl.it user and were too lazy to look at their profile Page? Well, now this program will go to the prof...
firedragondnd (37)
Annoying Little Brother Simulator
This is Annoying Little Brother Simulator where you try to be the most annoying you can this is a work in progress I hope it becomes very long and Tha...