dauratus (1)
noobCTF WhatThe#
Solution for NoobCTF 0x1 WhatThe# Crypto Challenge
puppycute (2)
django is cool and fun! I ts a python code!
My final APCSP project. Doorknob Temperature Taker for letting people in.
sheepsbleat (9)
new library for easier client side graphql
If you're new to graphql (like me) and are a frontend developer this library I made is for you. It's like 1 byte and can be easily added with a CDN....
syflexer (461)
python 1 v 1
hey i am looking for 1 person to do a small competition with the rules would be that the program would have to be a text based game that was not in cr...
GaneshaSharma (43)
Special Linux Drives
Get `null`, `zero` and more on Windows! You can use these special Linux Drives for whatever reason!
AmazingMech2418 (1016)
π in Rust
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Rust! Like with my approximation in Go, in order to understa...
MeirWaldner (0)
hi this is a awsome wep siyte
hi please enjoy coding on this web site hope you have fun learning and coding from Meir Waldner
Diana2012 (3)
My favourite candies!
These are my favourite candies. This is also my second website:)
VulcanWM (2285)
Upside Down - Episode 3
This is Episode 3 of my series Upside down ** Luckily, there is nothing to load** *** This is also on my YouTube Channel - (https://youtu.be/_BXMEeLpf...
LeftSock (0)
This is the homework for COP1000. Lesson 1, #2, a hexagon with sides that are 100px in length.
LeftSock (0)
This is the homework for COP1000. Lesson 1, #3, an octagon with sides that are 75px in length.
LeftSock (0)
This is the homework for COP1000. Lessons 1, #1, Rectangle with a width of 150 and height of 50.
SamuelOwolabi2 (21)
Top 10 Anime List (shounen)
do you agree put your own opinion down in the comments.
EaseenIslam (0)
I cant understand this part
prices = [10, 20, 30] total = 0 for price in prices: total += price print(total)
Mikkel3aar (0)
IF aflevering
Denne hjemmeside er lavet i forbindelse med en IF aflevering
Futuristics (51)
The Repl Report!
Hey Guys! I am starting something new called the Repl Report! This is basically a newspaper, and you can keep up to date with what's happening in Repl...
sarathraj (2)
repl is very good website. I enjoyed very much through repl.
AnanyaKulkarni (0)
Harry Potter Programming Python Lesson 1
This is my homework for my 1st Harry Potter Python Programming.
mortonnari (1)
unsplash picture search
This is a small react app for picture search in unsplash
ednunezg (0)
EMA example
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, q...
beaver26 (0)
Villainous Silence Part 1
So here's a story that I may or may not make a part two of. This depends on one factor: whether or not you guys actually *want* a part 2. Hope you en...
TwinMenace (0)
Cows and Bulls
A basically coded game that I made for a lesson. Cow = Correct number Wrong place Bull = Correct number Correct place
Nettakrim (538)
MaxDonalds 4.0 Hellish Hunger
use this link [here](https://MaxDonalds.mcutten.repl.run) to play *-forget what i said in 3.0 about maxdonalds being nearly finnished* with the firs...
BahatiJuma (0)
Hello,need to write a program with in Python with Output: Name:Otieno Lucky Juma Please give Hint.
mlcmadayag (1)
My first program.
My first program in python. I'm not familiar with this application so if you can help me I will be happy. Thank you and God bless.
BrutalBucket (9)
Moving Character
Press wasd to move. It doesn't appear till you press wasd. I used canvas to do this.
faxjulu (0)
bbgm real teams and logos
this has the real nba teams and logos just copy and paste it into team info and you have all the nba teams :D
neronesh (20)
Library System.
Hi. My name is Nesh and I have created a simple Library System that you can use in public libraries or even your own school or private library. Only...
AAdams86 (0)
School Shopping
Completed assignment titled School Shopping