bramley (255)
BramJam Game Jam #1!
Hey all! Anthony here! Today is the start of the first ever ‘BramJam’ Game Jam! These jams will happen every few months, and will have varying themes....
CodingCactus (4093)
"Animated" ASCII Cactus
## Dancing Cactus *** The most beautiful thing (a cactus (obviously)) can now be endlessly shown in front of your face. *** # Enjoy
MrEconomical (2282)
super snake
# snake remake super snake is my remake of the classic snake game. i added powerups to classic snake to make it a lot more interesting and it is actu...
Coder100 (15490)
# Snek 2: Become Human In the previous [post](https://repl.it/talk/share/GAME-3D-Snek/112303), you *were* the snake. However, have you wondered where...
Vandesm14 (2617)
Pop-Tart Maker (Makes ANY Pop-Tart)
Have you ever wanted to make your own pop tart, but you can't draw? Don't worry, I got you covered! All you need to do is go to the website below to e...
tankerguy1917 (159)
Oh, a game to play when your bored
# About This game is a recreation of a game me and my friends use to play in school. The reason why it was called doodle wars was because we played i...
Bookie0 (5656)
### Hello dear fellow human being who happens to read these words! This repl contains _10_ different cool Loading SCreens. When prompted, enter the...
bramley (255)
The largest collaborative (and possibly ugliest) website ever!
(Edit) Amjad (repl.it ceo) reported to me that there was some nsfw stuff uploaded to our site while I was on vacation. I think that may be why your a...
RolandJLevy (759)
👇 Algorithm to Randomise Words 👆
Type in some words and see the letters randomising until they resolve and match your words ![Screenshot of word randomiser](https://github.com/roland...
VulcanWM (2295)
WeGreek - A Greek Mythology Wikipedia
WeGreek is a Greek Mythology Wikipedia, where you can make wikis, posts and polls about stuff relating to Greek Mythology. I would appreciate it if yo...
ChezCoder (1594)
Stop Animation - Moral of the Story | Ep2 !!!!
Hello, welcome to my new series of stop animations with python! This is episode two. If you haven't watched episode one, [click here](https://repl.it/...
LoneAce (226)
Python Public Chatroom
*** # Hello there! Here is a small chatroom I coded with the Python Language. The method is very simple compared to other chatrooms so _feel free to...
ColinN05 (65)
Basically Civilization in text - https://repl.it/@ColinN05/ToughExemplaryOutliers
CSharpIsGud (886)
This is my first post in a long time, I haven't had much ideas for projects to put on talk, since I'm not comfortable spamming games and stuff like pe...
Vandesm14 (2617)
I made a TTS with my Voice
Have you ever looked at a TTS? Sure you have! You've probably heard your phone or smart speaker talk to you. Or maybe you've heard memes or videos wit...
slickassassin03 (93)
Draw Some Shapes!
### Huh? I know, I know. Easy right? Suddenly today I decided I wanted to mess with drawing shapes because it's fun to be completely honest. It turned...
davidglauberset (53)
rock Paper Scissors - Azex BOT
The Azex bot makes with you that old game that you have done since childhood; the famous Stone, Paper and Scissors. 📰 Suggestions: For you to call t...
TimmyChen1 (122)
Important - Read me!
While you can make a bot for just about anything, we are restricting you in a few ways: 1. The bot should not do anything illegal \(e.g. finding and...
ObiVibKenobi (169)
HTML Code Editor & Playground | Hyperground | 100 Cycle Special | New Updates
# Hyperplay Hyperplay is an HTML playground. ### How to use it It's pretty simple: Type your HTML into the box, and the output shows up right next to...
bwoop (99)
Annoying website
This website is full of awesome stuff! at least, it would be, if it was normal stuff...
Coder100 (15490)
My Setup!
# My Room Setup lol this is an *actual* 3D model of my room, how poggers! Everyone should make one of these they are actually pretty fun to make and i...
BobTheTomatoPie (3194)
BobTheTomatoPie.com: A Website
### Generators You can generate excuses and other stuff. ### Pie Clicker I also put pie clicker on this ### Enjoy -BobTheTomatoPie
Coder100 (15490)
Mobile Clicker
# Mobile Clicker So one day I was at the dentist and I was waiting for my appointment. Then I was like, "hey what if I coded something on my iPad?" An...
Bookie0 (5656)
## Bonjour People!!! I have ###### 1 week of school left. So **yay**! ##### _anyways..._ #### Intro/advertisement Haven’t you felt like you need...
Anthony_Tonev (99)
🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
A simple editor for creating music box melodies with an animated music box that "plays" them for you. Very basic: Just click on the diamonds to gener...
SuyashAgarwal (55)
Pokémon Battle Game
![Pokemon Battle Game](http://quizzzes.com/wp-content/uploads/PoK%C3%A9MoN.jpg) # Introduction Hello Guys, This is my game for GameJam. I just starte...
rafrafraf (1367)
rafmovies - free video streaming site
## **DISCLAIMER: this site is an amazon prime clone that was made for fun to challenge myself, it does not display copyrighted material. the buttons d...
Coder100 (15490)
[ GAME ] Number Guessing Game [ VERY POG ]
# Number Guessing Game #### By Coder100 This is a number gussing game! fully coded in python with a leaderboard so you can play against your friends...
MarcusWeinberger (678)
Online Note Taking App with full markdown and HTML support
# notes.marcusj.tech ![demo](https://i.imgur.com/wMiO9h3.gif) A simple, clean, notepad in your browser! Full markdown support with instant rendering...