camocreeper (19)
Just a some simple voronoi blobs
PowerCoder (644)
Purple Rain ☂️!
Very simple, but satisfying animation. **These are div's, not gif's** **Thanks for all the support (:**
Bookie0 (4535)
Hello hello! For my 300 cycle anniversary (i know, nothing to be proud about). This is the ultimate repl,it memes collection. If you have any suggest...
lphi71086 (18)
I just made a neat website in HTML 5 showing some of the cool features you can do.
Zexogon (874)
Clicker Game In HTML!
I tried this a few times but now i finally have the hang of javascript (kinda) ill be updating this and add new things/make it look better for now enj...
Coder100 (10748)
100 Dumb Ways To Error
# **100 DUMB WAYS TO ERROR** I'm ***___SURE___*** you have ***___NOT___*** made these errors before! As the name suggests, I have small...
minx28 (391)
Password Vault! #WEEKLY
A password vault! Get it [here]( You can log in with, nice and secure, then store as many password...
MrEconomical (2232)
website hacking game
# PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING hacker, hacker is a coding game that involves "hacking" or editing the source code to solve a set of challenges. in most...
Lethdev2019 (200)
Express server template
Hey guys - here is a template for express/cowboy servers. This template uses a live development server and if you want to disable that - just delete t...
bearbearmo (189)
Mouse Game
# About --- This is a top down shooter that only requires a mouse to play. A mouse is required, if you're not using a mouse it's likely you'll have di...
mat1 (3432)
double helix
its a thing i made in 4 seconds upvote for free happiness ok thank you
BobTheTomatoPie (1412)
Animation Design (Make Awesome Animations!)
# I'm back! (due to emmet support)! I had left the repl community, but I went on to find that there was emmet support! So now I'm back! # This is ani...
Zexogon (874)
A Python Fishtank
just a little animation i made after i got bored watch the fish swim around might add the option to feed them if i get around to it
Charrey (20)
ParseLang: The language that expresses itself
# ParseLang _The language that expresses itself_ *(Use the PDF readme for a table of contents and better layout)* ![ParseLang logo](https://storage....
Spacecraft (135)
Increase Your Reading Speed by 2 or 3X - Spritzlet Reader
This reading program speeds up your reading rate by eliminating the need to move your eyes across the page and allows your eyes to focus on a single s...
JosephSanthosh (1194)
MY 500th CYCLE SPECIAL IS THE SNAKE GAME WITH TWO SNAKES! ========================================================= This is pretty much impossible so...
MrMinimax (139)
Id like to annouce.... SLIDE
This is a game called slide. I was inspired to do this when I saw a post a loooong time ago on this chat. YOu can move with the arrow keys. You can pl...
Equation (199)
Three Ways
Hello ! This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab....
MarcusWeinberger (589)
The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
# How it was made First, I went through all the characters in "hello world" and used `ord` to find their numerical values. Using the argcount of a bu...
OscarMitchell1 (1)
Mein Programming Progect
it is a game. that is all all it is a game just a game that is all
VulcanWM (2175)
My Reminder Bot
This is a reminder bot. In the amount of seconds you say, it sends you an email. Only people with gmail can use this. When it asks your email and pass...
CodeLongAndPros (1466)
Linkless: A link shortner
Have you ever wanted to shorten a link, but didn't have a web browser ready? Well, I am happy to introduce: # Linkless You get more link, for less...
FeaturedSpace (13)
A Store in Python
Every answer has a question, so inversely, does every question have an answer? Perhaps not, but then again, is something really a question if it has n...
winal (18)
Finally made a website!!!! i have wanted to this for so long ! finally did it! check it out, hope u like it :)
RohilPatel (1413)
Coronavirus Statistics (Covid-19 Numbers)
# Coronavirus > We know this has impacted us, and scammers are taking advantage of this time. So, I want to give you a close-to-reliable source to us...
ExplosionScratc (156)
My super cool JavaScript projects!
Hi everyone! I have made some super cool JavaScript stuff that I'd like to share with you guys! There is a clock, an html parser, a BBCode parser, a N...
IbrahimAhmed18 (1)
NANI guy gets killed because of reaptedly hearing omaeoa mo shinderu so his body exploded
tsana (48)
Penalty simulator vol 2
The second version of my penalty game with a goalkeeper mode!
Coder100 (10748)
#WEEKLY 10 Calculator
# Calculator Hello, world! This is my calculator. It supports all 9 of the trig functions (waw) and it also contains a lot more stuff. ## Features -...
pugstin (4)
my first game with python
a simple choose your own adventure game coded with python with several easter eggs