teargas (2)
ICT project ( Survival Game) (Interactive Story)
By: Daniel Cheung Y08C ICT project (Adventure themed Game) (Interactive Story)
Jared00 (1)
CPSC 217 Exercise 1
Converting age to dog years
IronHammerPVP (18)
This program will solve your problems!
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SixBeeps (3211)
#WEEKLY 9: Art Gallery!
Well, my submission turned out completely different from what I was expecting, but I'm really happy with how it looks! This only took me a few hours,...
OwenDevita (2)
Auto Grocery List Maker
In my free time, I decided to try and make a grocery store list maker that would order your list to match your grocery store! This way, you don't have...
SebastianStephe (1)
Finding the circumference of a circle
The user can type in the diameter or radius to get the circumference.
Pathway (3)
unhackable website
https://repl.it/@Pathway/website not possible to hack. props to anyone to finds the password
PYer (3507)
#WEEKLY Number to String! #4
Hooray! I just saw it this morning, so I'm a little late. This has been my favorite challenge yet! Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you so m...
FranklinSupersm (42)
A game that is in progress
This is a game that is really pretty simple. I know there are some bugs, but haven't tested the code enough times to see what the bugs are. If you guy...
epicguyuk (38)
village victor
https://repl.it/@epicguyuk/Game .I made this game solo.You control a village/town/city and answer with yes and no.Its a bit basic right now as i only...
The ultimate version of BulletBall!!!
aneesj (5)
3x3 Table
I have created a 3x3 table by using turtle. By the way, how do you change the colour of the line. If anyone has the answer please comment below.
g2oo7fy (3)
Python - Chat botting
einfach liste von wörtern wird geloggt
darkdarcool (22)
Beta Paper Game
I made this game with my sister, and we hope that there are no glitches. But if you do find one, please write it in the comments!
poetaetoes (287)
A picasso game
This is a game where you press all four arrow keys really fast, but one at a time. Make sure to click on the canvas so it is focused on that. Post you...
kingcharles (3)
TIC TAC TOE (Graphics)
Hi this is my second ever graphics game, and i really enjoy doing it. I hope you like it! p.s what should i put in these notes. thanks. edit: my ba...
Eliasfire9 (1)
Stand Battle
A game based off JoJo's bizarre adventure.
Eliotkasha (2)
I was bored so uhh I did this enjoy :)
FernandaSlomp (1)
Teste de Performance 3 - Infnet 2020.2
Dablux (4)
Hex Game
This is a game I'm working on inspired by Settlers of Catan and Rimworld. This is a public version with a simple UI I threw together in a few minutes...
Codejira (166)
Caesar Cipher: A simple encryption
# Caesar Pypher This is the [Caesar Cipher](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_cipher) encryption implemented in Python. # Motivation I did this bef...
NoNameByProgram (163)
Story of Herobrine: Episode 2 (Demo)
This is the continuation of [Story of Herobrine: Episode 1](https://repl.it/talk/share/STORY-OF-HEROBRIEN-PART-1-DEMO/47144). # Description This is...
MrDanielG (1)
Prueba de integración con Phaser con Repl, de la practica 2 de la materia desarrollo de videojuegos
CankardesCancan (3)
4.7. For: Number of zeros
Count double zero ints...
RaduG (1)
A snake game i guess
So i made (at 8 PM) this very stupid snake game in Python, using the Turtle module.
CoelRawls (1)
Don't Turn Around
(Text-Based Horror game), You awake in a building trying to escape, and there are many things wrong with you, the darkness, and your shadow.
mendonaarav (4)
dis is a survey.Happy Python.Bye :D. bye again.
CoolJames1610 (645)
Personality Quiz!
# Personality Quiz Do **YOU** want to know **YOUR** personality??? WELL LOOOOOK NO FURTHER ###### bruh what HERE, THIS PROGRAM WILL ASK YOU **30*...
MemeManHimself (92)
Something with Lenny in it
Wow idk what I was thinking here
IronHammerPVP (18)
Hello i dont know how u put the like enter an answer thing so put your answer in the comments