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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
VulcanWM (2180)
Journey through Quidditch Part 1
This game will help you journey through the world of Harry Potter. In this part of the game, you will face the Quidditch Trials. I am still trying to...
Chiling (29)
How well do you know fruits? Try this to find out:
A17aphillips (24)
This isn't my first chatbot
omarfarag (59)
Turtle Tag v6
Created this a few months back and added some tweaks. Feel free to comment with any bugs/improvements so that I can fix/improve it
JackLesher (6)
Michael Reeves Quote Generator, because we've all gone mad.
So you know those robots people build that give you an inspirational quote when you ask for one? Well, my bot is a lot like that, except it gives you...
Trivia Game Now With Insults!
Trivia Game. -
JeremyIrwin (41)
Torture dance python edition
For all fans of JoJo, here is the Torture Dance from part 5 in python, enjoy!
abc3354 (224)
# Portal ## Interconnecting servers Hi ! My bot is "portal" It is a bot which permit inter-server communication For now, admin managing is WIP, so y...
shankaresh (1)
Rock Paper Scissor
Python can do literally anything with it. Python can also be used for game development. Here i create a simple command line Rock-Paper-Scissor game wi...
Swasthik123 (1)
what is the error in this program??
import turtle # Make a square with the turtle. def square(): my_turtle=turtle.Turtle() my_turtle.forward(100) my_turtle.left(90) my_turtle....
PeterStudenkov (8)
MS paint but bad 1.0.0
Made with turtle Its a drawing software but bad Draw with mouse Arrow keys for precision Press buttons up top for other stuff Also check out dyna...
octopyBot (263)
✨Bubble company simulator!✨
# 🔮so these days, everyone's on their devices, so I thought I'd make a simulator to have some fun the way we would be, frolicking outdoors🔮 you kno...
MrTrex (16)
BEST C++ program ever
im learning c++ so pls dont juj me because this is first my first wait my first frst c++ program so......................................................
Kopamed (235)
Meme Quality Predictor (200 Cycle Special!)
This will predict the quality of the memes on Reddit. This is my first Markov Chain generator so don't be too harsh. # How to The program is self...
mavrK (32)
Getting some ruby practice in
Big_EpicEpic (12)
2D Sandbox Game! (Totally not Terraria)
Come play my 2D Sandbox Game! I developed this over a year ago, and I only just realized had Love2D!
GemCoder (0)
Guessing Gam
In this game , you will need to guess the number between 1 and 100 using the clues given after you guess 1 number .
AngularJS color changer
Hi, this is my Angular App that will change the background color and the color of the text. They will update immediately. Enjoy :)
linanada (12)
New Coding Class
Hi everybody! Good news: There is a new coding class open for enrollement. Absolute beginners are welcome as well as intermediate learners. We will st...
VulcanWM (2180)
Cricket Game
This took me a very long time to make and I still haven't perfected it as I don't have lots of time. You can be any team in the world cup.
rafrafraf (237)
socket io multiplayer movement
playing around with socket io and made this so far. its definitely not done and is quite laggy but i think its a cool start # try opening it in 2 ta...
TurtleAndrew (64)
Slide (Python) 1.0
Heres a game I made inspired by the slide game made by MrMinimax. I wrote all the code for this game but made it because I wanted more levels to play...
saghitcssf (3)
"Simple" Rock Paper Scissors
Are you up for the challenge? By the way, go into the code and press the link. It is a theory for rock paper scissors. HAVE FUN!
zigzag404 (1)
Super sorter
Sorts a sentence's letters in alphabetical order
GracieKing (34)
Warriors chat Chat with my bot about the book series Warriors. \(Also known as Warrior Cats\)
JDOG787 (415)
Quiz/Triva Game
This is a repost of my Quiz repl. I added some improvements that people thought that I should add from my first post. Some of these are: - More Quest...
Animator282 (24)
Send Nukes 1.0.1 BETA
Play this tycoon game with an explosive amount of fun!!! Free to PLAY!!! Play now and like this game for more!!!
dashelbaldwin (4)
[python] Realistic-looking real-time typing text effect (that's a mouthful c:)
Basically prints a string out to the console, but makes it look as if someone is typing it out. Feel free to copy and use the function in your Python...
RaduG (1)
A snake game i guess
So i made (at 8 PM) this very stupid snake game in Python, using the Turtle module.
kspgaming2006 (9)
Not So Snake Game
This game is like a snake game but there is no snake just a dot. There is no objective it's just a time killer. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Press Start 2. Press...