RonanStevenson (3)
A Card game engine
This is a game engine for card games. Read for some more info
FishingFights (202)
IronWriter [rewrite text!]
Almost at 200 cycles so I decided to remaster a *very* old project of mine. IronWriter is a terminal-based text rewriting suite written and tested co...
lloat123 (3)
you just wasted time reading this
He1ios (5)
About me
I am a part time hacker for IOS, I help make jailbreaks such as odyssey, chimera and Sileo(sileo is an apt package manager). I also help develop games...
tg08 (1)
Wisdom Woods
Text Adventure Nishali Desai & Tiffany Gye AP CSP Period 2
RORO1200 (1)
Rate this
this is my 1st program with GUI i usually run it at PyCharm cuz it's faster i know every 1st isn't perfect if you see any faults, bad codes, etc tel...
TheTechTitan12 (3)
5DCC | Final Challenge
This is a basic recipe website I made in Code Institute's 5 Day Coding Challenge
Coder100 (12815)
# Weekly 19 This is the Fibonacci Prime!! I had to recreate this **3** times, and each time got faster than the last :D There is an *insane* amount of...
SystematicError (25)
Python Obfuscation
This repl is a very basic obfuscator with `Cython`. I made this real quick just to see it in action. Anyone have any ideas or improvement. It works by...
Stephen_Chien (13)
Riddle Genorator
Ready for lame, unexciting, bad-pun filled riddles? I know you aren't! Try not to cringe as you listen to these terrible jokes! Link:
RobertoBean (39)
Terminal Graphics
Allows you to draw boxes and text in python without using a graphics library!
jimeastman (18)
A text-based adventure game
This is a text-based adventure game that is sad but my first one. Bet. No one gonna look at this unless they r bored.
GeneralBaker (47)
Level Up!
A flashy html game. What level can you reach? More features coming soon...
MarcusWeinberger (598)
Creating a URL shortener in under 10 minutes (with video)
# [url shortener speedrun]( Now, I know the name of the repl is really long, but it's functio...
ibarrett (5)
Gun Control Legislation for America In light of recent events, there seems to be a need for information and important fact...
bradenrueter (8)
Real Fortnite Battle Royale in Python!
This is a test. If you clicked here, then you have failed. But don't worry. This is promotion for a little game I made called Doubt that Derivative...
JaivalShah (2)
my first code
i had made a small turtle
RaduG (1)
A snake game i guess
So i made (at 8 PM) this very stupid snake game in Python, using the Turtle module.
AshrithaGoud (1)
About planets
All about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
CoolJames1610 (658)
Personality Quiz!
# Personality Quiz Do **YOU** want to know **YOUR** personality??? WELL LOOOOOK NO FURTHER ###### bruh what HERE, THIS PROGRAM WILL ASK YOU **30*...
TheCoiledViper (71)
Dice Rolling Simulator. Can be used in place of dice for any board game.
IronHammerPVP (18)
Hello i dont know how u put the like enter an answer thing so put your answer in the comments
wythes (1)
simple quiz i made in school
i made this in school lol idk
CodeSalvageON (599)
Pepper Spray SMS Spammer(Requires Twilio account)
Pepper Spray requires a Twilio account to use as well as existing phone numbers.
BotWatches (5)
Its just a randomized thing using a counter that counts 1 everytime you retry the program. It alternates between -2 to 2 and then goes lower.
Connect 4
Connect 4 using python's turtle graphics, There are two teams, black and red. Two win, you need to match 4 tokens vertically, horizontally, or diagona...
Kurt36 (2)
My Coding
I just need to know if I am on the right track of this coding it is my first time
eevee444 (19)
a working calculator that can add, subtract, multiply, and divide!
AndrewWisniews1 (2)
How To Use Python
how to use python
awdimmick (4)
A hangman game written in Python to help teach GCSE Computer Science. Many of the programming techniques required for GCSE CS are implemented. https:...