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Ethan2648 (0)
Guess game with 3 tries
This is a simple game created for an online course.
dabombdgdzjr (18)
internet explorer 6
i got this ![duckvducc]( from mr doob. this is not mi...
RibhavJha (0)
Help save marine life with me and my friend! Please help us!
Ethan2648 (0)
Guess the number (1 guess)
This is a simple game created for an online course.
Ethan2648 (0)
Printing random number (1, 10)
This is a simple piece of work for an online course.
rodwell (0)
Web create
Hi guyz am enjoying this programme let's share knowledge
Logson (0)
Any Amount of Any Dice
Lets you roll an amount of a specific type of unbiased dice
dabombdgdzjr (18)
Look in jealousy at my amazing python bot that barely does anything.
Lol idk Basically a discord bot that gives u random turtles. ![thiccducc2](
AndrewLaGrone20 (0)
Repl: CSS Chapters 1-8 at
This repl is using some of the key principles that I just studied at w3schools is a developer website with multiple tutorials for each...
hakimm7 (2)
clean movies data
clean movies data clean movies data
kinnejeff (0)
Python Getting Started
Getting started in python, simple introductory program.
geupelf_y17 (0)
Philosophy Quiz
A fairly simple quiz which I have written from scratch for my RS lessons
AHAnastasi (0)
Guess my random number from 1-10. You only have one guess.
AHAnastasi (0)
A program that allows you to guess my number, from 1-10, in three guesses.
JanghanJaydenJa (0)
Super Submarine Game
It has some Errors in tablets, phones, and laptops. However, They are usually fun. You can play easily in your Mac, or Windows *Don't try this game wi...
aniebietinyang (0)
first web page
its a web page designed by me. It has its flaws but I believe I've tried
ASHFWANV5 (0) this ia question number first
Press Your Luck in C!
This app is based off of the hit ABC show, "Press Your Luck". It is a fun little project I made. Enjoy!
mdashab2001 (0)
Project 2
Option 1 from project 2
kiwiwik (0)
Virtual Fortune Spinner
Fun virtual experience for Internet of Things Final Project
yapiloren (0)
hola profe, te deje el link en la plataforma pero si no te llega a andar entra por aca.
davepeak (0)
Quick odds calculator of Habs drafting Alexis Lafrenière depending if playoffs happen and if they win the Play-in (Qualifying Round). Compared to [La...
JujuSilveira (0)
Percurso de um robô
O robô esta em um labirinto com três obstáculos e uma recompensa no canto esquerdo na última posição.
alesh667 (0)
trial 01
this is a simple receipt program for an e-commerce.
LChan24 (8)
Turn Based Combat: A simple function for Python games
Its still in W.I.P but if anyone wants to help comment down in the bottom below! Have a good day. TBD. Shops & Gold
rjlevy (48)
Analogue clock almost entirely in CSS
Hey guys! I made an analogue clock almost entirely in CSS - it just uses a tiny amount of JavaScript to calibrate the time. I set myself the challe...
ianismarshall (0)
Rough age in days calc
Too lazy to account for leap years
IvetteAca (0)
lo logre x2
mas chulos programas faciles y bellos que bello es vivir
aGlitchyFox (2)
name says it all, this is the recreation of the classic pong game. pong was created by the Atari company and was released in November 29, 1972.
ProCoder123 (6)
Turtle race
this game allows you to choose a color and with luck, you might win