BobNeo (39)
Crash Python
# This is a simple repl to crash python! Just enter the way you would like to crash it, and it crashes it! # How does it crash python? Take a look at...
ThePuzzlerThree (5)
I made a drawing!
I have been interested in learning turtle. Tell me what you think!
gantr833 (161)
Check this out
Simple Corona Simulator!
In this repl... i made a Corona Virus Simulator! A lot of thanks to @NoelBryan cuz he helped me a lot! The thing that @NoelBryan made for me it's when...
Jakman (458)
It works. It uses a functional algo to find a fib via the Iterator trait being implemented.
Just to say hello to other fellow coders on Repl! Just comment your "Repl" names or any suggestions for projects below in the comments section. Thank...
pydevthon (35)
90's Website (games)
Dude its the 90's!. website containing some of the coolest tech in gaming industry Images from googl...
DynamicSquid (4393)
#WEEKLY Number 6
Hit some keys on my keyboard, and things worked.
AdamCrowe2 (2)
its a word game... that uses words... to tell a story... yeah... thats it really...
matthewproskils (346)
FloLang Interactive
[Try Out Here]( Welcome to FloLang Interactive, an Interactive repl to try out FloLang. We update...
Daniel_Campos (12)
hi this is my thing im new and i thought that this was cool
Draw with Python Turtle
Use WASD and RT to control a turtle and draw what you want.
Crupette (11)
Brainf interpreter
A small interpreter written in c++
ByronLoarte (5)
Ejercicios sobre Funciones y Recursividad
AidanCashman (3)
Coronavirus match
Play coronavirus match with **coronavirus emojis** When you are looking at the grid, try to memorize the positions of the emojis. You will have 15 se...
pole55 (266)
4.5. For: Sum of cubes
For the given integer N calculate the following sum: 1³ + 2³ + ... + N³
Wilke000 (501)
Amazing Spiral!
Enjoy! My amazing spiral! Yay! It's rainbow! It's seems deep
Warhawk947 (527)
URAPY (Uptime Robot API Rewrite)
# Introducing URAPY (Or Uptime Robot API Rewrite) ## What is URAPY? URAPY stands for **U**ptime **R**obot **API**, but I wanted it to be more cheesy...
eekboi (274)
#WEEKLY5 haha c go brrr
What I did was compleetely inneficient... and cursed... and just overall a terrible idea. But whats c without bad ideas? heres my hellspawn of a crea...
MocaCDeveloper (513)
Brew programming language update #10(String Decorators)
Ok. I had to post, been 3 days :) So, I added in a little stuff. Brand keyword is being worked on. It is a pain in the butt because the brand keyword...
ash15khng (700)
A nice prank for your friends...
This is just a random prank to leave your friends hanging there waiting for something to load.... but nothing ever loads!
badvillain01 (82)
Web Scraping with Python
Mini tutorial on how to web scrape using python
SMJ (1)
Fork this repl to create your own copy. Complete all exercises on this repl and share your URL
pradeepankem (12)
Fractals to infinity
Relax ! and enjoy the beauty of constructed Randomness.
RobloxianGreen (7)
Windows Mac
Hello, i created this Windows with my friends! Oh and if you finding OS then this not for you sorry :(
ChezTacoz (337)
Cards of Truth
This program shuffles a deck of cards of truth and gives you the answer to your questions. These cards will never lie!
Anvaysharma (48)
This is my first code and I am new to python. I just started with python turtle to get a feel of coding. This is my first code on repel...
BlueComet (116)
Three Projects
# Intro Hi everyone I have made three projects in JS. I know they are very simple, but this is my first time coding JS. I have made Guess the number,...
MrMinimax (139)
Ship bot.
I was really just practicing my lists and somehow this turned into something. This quite possibly takes top spot for the stupidisst thing i've coded....
MustardSpinach (2)
Teriyaki chicken recipe
If you are stuck on what to cook tonight...