Coder100 (15689)
[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
# The Anti-Social Mouse Hello!! As you may know, I got a new computer!! So, here's a little game I finished on it. ## Backstory You are a mouse in Mo...
zorro29 (16)
Interpreter for my own programming language
An interpreter for a fully functional language called Ckript. Also check out the web version here: https://ckript.netlify.app/ Basic documentation c...
YuvanVighnesh (100)
Business Tycoon v1.0
# CREDITS HUGE Shout out to @Viaticboss19, his Game Dev Simulator was my whole inspiration to this project. Also a special shout out to @AneeshKotva...
Coder100 (15689)
[ Game ] F.I.N.G.E.R. GANG
# F.I.N.G.E.R. POLICE You are the repairman of **TOUCHPAD PRISON** and you must keep the inmates from escaping! These inmates are CRITICAL to Mouselan...
amaddentcsec (211)
JavaSocial - Social media system!!!
## Thank you to: @AbhayBhat otherwise known as @EpicGamer007 for the amazing database!!! @Coder100 for showing me how to add multiple databases! ## No...
angrydoge (460)
The void
# Hello! First of all thanks to @tussiez for helping with 9/10 parts of the project and @Coder100 for the music. ###### Tussiez bro u gotta help me w...
DREWthejsman (5)
i made something
Took me a few days with me being new at coding, but I made something. Any tips???
JordanDixon1 (458)
I found this out when looking at a kahoot bot ai. I was messing around with stuff and figured out that I can unblock everything. Unfortunatly, there's...
chewybar (15)
This is the game of life. Play carefully.
Bookie0 (5666)
Bram Jam Submission -- Creepy Scary Music 'n' Story!
# BOOOO!!! 👻 Did I scare you? Did I? Did I?!?!?! Ok fine I probably didn't :( Hope y'all are having a great month of October and preparing for...
RolandJLevy (759)
🔥 [GAME] Play this Awesome Sliders Game!! 🔥
Hey everyone! This Sliders brain-teaser game took me a week to code from scratch using only vanilla JS and CSS. It's really simple and fun to play - j...
ia13ru (35)
This is my first repl. It is an RPG, and has no tkinter graphics. It has 24 levels, a boss and an easter egg. Thanks for playing! :-) Check out my sec...
EpicGamer007 (1506)
My REAL first node
# Chat app with socket.io by @EpicGamer007 ## IMPORTANT NOTICE - DOES NOT WORK WITH PHONES * I made it so that you cannot use this on phones becaus...
ironblockhd (419)
A social media platform on replit!
# About After 1 month and 3519 lines of code i'm finnaly done with ironMedia! It's a full social media platform that runs on replit. # features Featur...
RayhanADev (1393)
Hidden Replit Languages OWO
As some of you may know, there are hidden languages in Repl.it! I decided to make a mini-website to give a reference to them, so here you are! # **Ev...
HackermonDev (1992)
Introducing Replpedia
# Replpedia Introduction A while ago I was browsing through my old websites and I found replpedia. It was a project I created that I forgot about for...
ggo07 (5)
Magic 8 ball in Python. Magic Python Ball
Here is a simple magic 8 ball I coded in python. It will answer yes or no questions.
RolandJLevy (759)
📜 Infinite Image Scroller! 📜
# ∞ Infinite Image Scroller ∞ Infinite scrolling is a way of loading content continuously with scrolling - thereby eliminating the need for paginatio...
angrydoge (460)
SCP Database!
# SCP Database Hoi! Welcome to my project, SCP database! It scrapes scpwiki.com for results, try it out! ~~Why am I doing this instead of school~~...
TheRealHGS (21)
Clicker Game Test
Clicker Game Test hopefully it works, make sure to send feedback and fork if you want to
Dart (1143)
A QR code making discord bot!
# So this is a bot that makes QR codes for you ## here is the invite: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=794999702251634698&permissio...
🗳Polling App | AmazePolls🗳 - Vote On The Best Language
# 🗳Polling App | AmazePolls🗳 Hi guys i made a polling app, or a voting app, whatever. So first thing. i've been seeing a lot of argument about what...
Coder100 (15689)
Youtube Unblocker
# YouTube Unblocker I made my own YouTube Unblocker with ytdl-core and some express. It actually works quite well, and download times are *super fast*...
potatojs (820)
the best game in the planet!
# how to play? just dodge red shots and collect bonuses! the value of each bonus is based on it's size the bigger it is the more it gives you! # cred...
JBloves27 (1522)
🐍 Python IDE! 🐍
# A Fully Functional Python IDE! ###### At least I think it works ;) ## About #### This Program was kind of a small replica of real python coding, ex...
angrydoge (460)
Working python IDE!
# Hello! # So.... This is a working python IDE that took pretty long to configure, and has multiple features. There is: * Coding * Saved code * Ru...
RolandJLevy (759)
💥 [GAME] Play 'POP 100!!!' a Totally Awesome Game! 💥
This game is challenging and fun - it really tests your skills and reflexes. I coded this from scratch in 4 days using vanilla JavaScript and CSS only...
Spacecraft (144)
Unlisted REPLs - Hide your REPLs until you're ready to share them!
Works for everyone with free accounts, not just HACKER plans. For those using the free version of Repl.it, all REPLs you create are listed as public...
MatthewX (152)
[GAME][NEW]Puzzle Solver (Must Play!)
Hi,this is a puzzle solver game made by me where you use your brain to solve some puzzles. I will do my best to try to add more and more puzzles to th...