junionreal (5)
I made this animation entirely with java swing
https://youtu.be/eBBI2msO92o I spent a lot of time on it so if you liked it, I would really appreciate it if you liked the youtube video and this pos...
CSharpIsGud (901)
The best and most common judge remarks from the jam.
Here is a list of what I think were the best judge remarks ***[Plurality](https://pl-showcase.thedrone7.repl.co/post/51390): *** `Honestly I have no...
Ice Of Fire - Chose Your Way Adventure!
# __ICE OR FIRE - CHOSE YOUR WAY ADVENTURE__ *** So I made a chose your way adventure code! In this code you can chose your way in life! __CHALLENGE:_...
lolfail (28)
shooting game
Move with A, D (left and right) shoot with space, your objective is to shoot down the enemies(red triangles)
HZLPY (39)
A recreation of the Repl.it website.
This is a nearly-identical copy of the Repl.it website. None of the buttons do anything and some stuff is missing but this still took an hour to make....
Isah0w0 (8)
Slime shooter 🔫
# __THIS GAME IS NOW ON ITCH.IO__ # (https://isahowo.itch.io/slime-shooter) # __(This is an reup from another post)__ -------------------------------...
headiscoding (941)
Sleep deprive test.
This will tell you if you are sleep deprived! As always, leave a comment on how good it was out of 10! :D
Vandesm14 (2617)
It's like upvotes, except they don't count for anything. ## Here's the idea... I send this app out to the community. The users will click the button....
timmy_i_chen (1143)
Byte: The Game
# Play the game [here](https://byte-the-game.timmy-i-chen.repl.co)! Best played in a separate window. Requires a keyboard - sorry mobile users! ##...
angrydoge (458)
Advanced function calculator! Uses only 1 input
# Hello! This is my calculator! # Anyway... Right now the calculator can * Add numbers * Subtract numbers * Multiply numbers * Divide numbers * Fin...
spybrave (340)
UMM...IT'S A PIANO AND YEAH THAT EVEN MADE WITHOUT USING AUDIO FILES ☺ ( Don't forget to check out the 'Info'.)
DavidDorval (3)
Pitlife 5 Modded
The repl i made is a fork of Pitlife 5 but you get infinite money everytime you click age, plus there are funny things u can do
EpicGamer007 (1493)
MyCMD V 1.4 TON OF NEW STUFF(Image editing, terrain generation, and MORE)
Hey hey hey, what is **up** my fellow replers(Please don't reply with the sky). After getting an outstanding 15 upvotes on [MyCMD V 1.3](https://repl....
replitcode (125)
A fully-functional chatbot program written in python3! Has over 300 input and output messages! Includes: ascii text, functional username/passwor...
AmazingMech2418 (1014)
Star Wars Scrolling Text Engine - Node.js
Well, today is May 4th. May 4th = "May the fourth" In Star Wars, "May the force be with you". Therefore, May 4th = "May the *fourth* be with you" =...
JorgeCatherine (11)
Completely destroy jpegs with this corruptor.
Create god-forsaken images! Make your friends and family worry for your mental health! Give yourself nightmares because you decided to do this at 5:41...
bonnym512 (104)
Cheer you up machine
This machine will make you feel better if you ever are in a down moment and you have a need to be cheered up.
CodingCactus (4101)
Maths Test
Asks you random questions (+,-,/,x) Two attempts to get it correct: 2 points if you get it first try 1 point if you get it on your second try...
finlay44111 (77)
Hello Darb "dab"
Hello - this post must be 50 characters long
AmazingMech2418 (1014)
Pong in BASIC
This is an attempt to recreate the classic game Pong with BASIC, the language (or at least another form of the language) used to create the original g...
YuAndy (73)
Hi! Previously, I made [Blue Square Adventures](https://repl.it/talk/share/Game-Blue-Square-Adventures/77489), and this is an upgraded version of it!...
Spotandjake (20)
Repl.it Version 1 Running On Repl.it Version 2
With a few changes i managed to get the original repl.it running on the new repl.it, it is amazing to see how far we have come in the past years. th...
mat1 (4365)
# 4bit 4bit is a bot with some *rad* games such as Hangman, Simon Says, and even UNO! First off, Hangman ![4bit Hangman](https://storage.googleapis.c...
ReinitaThomas (45)
This is the hang man game. Enjoy playing this game and try to guess the words correctly. Best of luck..
Ravens0606 (72)
a Web Browser in Repl!
A web browser called sciFire!
DrankArizonaIce (132)
Fun Particle Stuff
https://repl.it/@DrankArizonaIce/particles Tried out an idea I had for a particle system. Here's a prototype
AustinZhang1 (65)
Game: The Life of a Robber
Hello Everyone ------------------------ This is a project that I made, hope you like it How to play ===================== You are a robber who is try...
UniqueOstrich18 (324)
Firefox web browser on repl.it
Got Firefox on repl.it when I was bored in class. It uses a python script to delete a useless log file. It will take a while to install Firefox and Py...
mat1 (4365)
Repl.it site wide dark theme!
# Repl.it Dark Theme Go to https://darktheme.tk/ for instructions Here are some images on how repl.it will look after you install this extension: ![...
TheC0derGirl (96)
Snake! ♡
#### Snake Game! Hey guys! Just a basic snake game - hope you enjoy! Any bugs, errors - just tell me in the comms and I will try to fix! ♡ @Rainbows...