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Cool Rocket Animation!
### Hello_glorious_people_of_repl! This_is_a_very_short_animation_of_a_countdown_and_a_rocket. Ye_that’s_all. As_usual,_comments,_suggestions_tips_e...
Jayeshdhule (2)
Its my first post. so i am exited for more posts
Bookie0 (5656)
## Bonjour People!!! I have ###### 1 week of school left. So **yay**! ##### _anyways..._ #### Intro/advertisement Haven’t you felt like you need...
SeamusDonahue (159)
Python Ursina: minecraft style building in python
I have recently discovered an engine called Ursina for python. It is very easy to use and lets you make 3d games very easily! I have build an exampl...
frissyn (447)
Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
# Repl-Customs Is Finally Here! 🎉 --- Hey all, If you saw my first post [Announcing "Repl Customs"](
VulcanWM (2295)
Rise Kronos Rise
This is my second risk game, even though it doesn't look like one. I first got to idea from @Name12 's Fight the gods. I then added some risk to it an...
Nettakrim (392)
MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
Have you ever wanted to go to McDonalds, But if you go outside your fragile vampire skin will burn? Well Now You CAN! MaxDonalds offers an authentic...
JWZ6 (5)
Kingdom Control
Game by me. Typing effect created by @NeilBhaduri. Yay! Upvote if you want to.
RomeroSchwarz (271)
1300's Peasant Simulator
Inspired by my AP World class, I made a game about the black plague. You play as a peasant trying to survive the plague. Try to unlock all of the endi...
RohilPatel (1489)
# Console Football Version 1.0 ## What does this update feature? + Offensive plays, 4 downs, scoring, etc + Features a "beautiful" console, ikr ##...
Fbushra641 (1)
Food Quiz
Lab 2.04 Food Quiz. There are 6 types of junk food in our list. From there, a series of 7 questions will be asked and the computer has to narrow it do...
len4 (15)
Basic Phone Emulator v1.0
This is a simple phone emulator. This emulator runs .cap files which is a app format used in smart phones like huawei or onePlus. I was able to make t...
realTronsi (901)
Virus Demonstration
# Virus Demonstration Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to demonstrate how a virus works... ## How it Works It uses two modules `fs` and `gl...
bigtoe0 (44)
A Working Google clone!
Google clone that actually works! Custom search engine lets you search things up at school that are blocked. Have Fun!
BrokenKeyboard (36)
Flocking Behaviour AKA Fish simulator 2020
# Boid simulator Basically a simulator of a herd of animals running around that like to stick together. They have 3 rules that they follow: ## Rule 1...
RolandJLevy (759)
⌛ Google loading animation! ⌛
Animation for Google loading screen using the brand colours. Animation speed can be adjusted with the slider ### Links 🔗 - [View demo](https://css-g...
bramley (255)
BramJam Game Jam #1!
Hey all! Anthony here! Today is the start of the first ever ‘BramJam’ Game Jam! These jams will happen every few months, and will have varying themes....
Shakespearean Insult Generator
Coder100 (15490)
Mobile Clicker
# Mobile Clicker So one day I was at the dentist and I was waiting for my appointment. Then I was like, "hey what if I coded something on my iPad?" An...
Coder100 (15490)
# **SURVIV3** Hi everyone, is a fun game. However, you can't log in with and can't build stuff. That is why I am going to be creatin...
xacer (24)
3D Minecraft!!!
I was working on this about a month ago and finally got it done :) I hope you enjoy it!
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### Hello dear fellow human being who happens to read these words! This repl contains _10_ different cool Loading SCreens. When prompted, enter the...
AmazingMech2418 (1014)
π in Objective-C
Here is a new addition to my series of pi approximations! This one is in Objective-C! Here are the other approximations so far: Pascal - https://repl...
Myztiq (13)
Hello this is a game i made recently i guess i should give it a cool name. its not much and is pretty common but i had a weirdly hard time getting the...
Muffinlavania (1444)
Simple Dice, but with graphics!
## Welcome to Dice Simulator (Basically) This is just something that i worked on for a bit, kinda like my Survival game, but its simple. It's just a d...
AshwinBose (164)
Quick Game I made
Simple game I made. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid the blue boxes moving towards you Open in new tab to see full screen CHECK OUT MY OTHER GAME HERE...
Bookie0 (5656)
Arrows! animation!
Hey all, This is a small little python animation I did. Very simple, did it in under 5 min. Comments, tips, etc, please comment down below. yay
Coder100 (15490)
[GAME] Reaction Time
# REACTion time How fast can you react? ![image]( Co...
RogueHalo (404)
Python Easter Egg
Not many people actually know about this easter egg in python. By typing ```import this``` into either a python interpreter or a python shell you can...
CodingCactus (4093)
Colour Thingy
Hi! This is a colour thingy! Basically just shows you colours I dunno