cloud9c (125)
Taro Game Engine
This is a web-based game engine similar to Unity or Unreal; it's built on top of three.js and cannon-es. The basis of Taro is ECS (Entity component s...
IcingHackz (258)
Dungeon 🔐 ver. 1.0
# Dungeon 🔐 ver. 1.0 ## Pings @WhippingDot - here's the ping for you ## Controls The standard `WASD` keys `w` go up `s` go down `a` go left `d` go r...
LeviathanCoding (38)
Subscription form added to my Portfolio Prototype.
I just added a subscription form into my portfolio so now you can subscribe to me. **Why should I subscribe?** If you want me to email you weekly a...
SwaroopBappanad (243)
Hey guys! I spent a day (most of it when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork lol) making this, and I put a LOT of effort into it. Normally, I would...
awdrgyjil1234 (28)
Games Unblocked!
Play games unblocked at school!
LegendaryWolf (413)
GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit converter!
# Celsius to Fahrenheit converter! Just enter ur Celsius to be converted to Fahrenheit! # And thx to @Coder100 for helping me with an error. This idea...
😡Anger Test😡 - 👺Test your anger here👺
# 👺Anger Test👺 hi guys, I made an anger test simulator, where you can check out how much anger you have, and what you can do to reduce it. # Featu...
CursorsDev (721)
Dashy dash game
Dashy dash is a game about dashing. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Space to dash. When you red boi you are weak and vulnerable When you orange bo...
LegendaryWolf (413)
Alpha mange - your all in one task manager - must see!
# Alpha Manage - ## Buttons - + 'Add task' adds a task + 'Delete task' deletes a selected task. + to select a task, click on any added task in the l...
Whippingdot (427)
# INTRO - @Bookie0 forced me to do this 😭 Tis is a project we made for repl.it for Christmas(actually new year but who cares). I wrote a very big po...
OldWizard209 (991)
🏢Company SIMULATOR🏢!!!!!!
# Welcome to 'Build You CompanySimulator' *** 🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢 *** After 433 lines of code, I can presen...
Coder100 (15763)
[ GAME ] 3D Snek
# 3D Snake! Yay!! I got unity again! Much poggers... Here's a snake game I made! It's kinda like snake, but it has a twist: you can't touch yourself,...
Coder100 (15763)
# Snek 2: Become Human In the previous [post](https://repl.it/talk/share/GAME-3D-Snek/112303), you *were* the snake. However, have you wondered where...
python88 (298)
The Game That Has No Name (It rhymes)
If you can go though this, I will buy you a burger. Also, there is a secret code in here, and if you type it in the chat, I will give you a banananana...
VulcanWM (2285)
# [HOTS - Hope On The Street](https://HopeOnTheStreet.repl.co) Hope On The Street is a kid-friendly organization that helps students have fun during s...
DynamicSquid (4566)
I made a 🐍Snake AI 💻
Hi! I made Snake. You can control it using WASD, or the arrow keys. Eat the red apples, and don't crash into the walls or yourself! But..... When y...
VulcanWM (2285)
# Imposter This is my first web game, so it has any bugs please comment and I will try to fix them. Imposter is a game in which one of the four stud...
CatR3kd (421)
-New Web Portfolio!-
# Yo Fam So I was on repl share, just browsing, and I saw a post by @CodingCactus about his new portfolio site! So I click on it, and I thought it was...
NeilBhaduri (64)
Survival Game!!
To start, this is a simple game, but in my opinion, it is quite interactive. I came up with the idea myself, and never copied anyone's code (just to c...
TimothyRowell (150)
Codergram Instagram for coders
# about Codergram is a new startup, it is simply a social media for coders. Upload videos, projects, games, images, and chat with friends. Ask for h...
Hero7x (97)
Interactable Hourglass ⏳
This hourglass is a few seconds long and you can flip it if you want when it ends. The hourglass is displayed in the console, so make sure you have e...
matthewproskils (462)
I tried this in python once by doing it by hand, but it was WAYY to hard so I just did this instead. Anyway, here you go, some satisfying rain. Edit...
TimothyRowell (150)
Job application
# WHO MADE THE CUT @CodingRedpanda (Html,css,JavaScript) @adilskillz (Html,css,JavaScript) @Cosemus (backend) @MarcusWeinberger (backend) @pro...
Block Brawl [2P GAME]
# Presenting...Block Brawl! Block Brawl is a fun two-player fighting game. Two squares duel it out in a dark box and the last one standing wins! Try...
dakshg (171)
# Asteroids This is a game I have worked on over the past month. I use p5js in this. 99% of the frontend is by me @EpicGamer007 did all the backend...
NotMrMan (33)
Make your own part of my site!
Hello! Today I am going to tell you about a site you can develop! There is a set of rules, so make sure to look at them before developing. @GalaxyWo...
Coder100 (15763)
# 🍪Cookey Maker🍪 Have you ever wanted to make your very own cookie, but you didn't have a very good image editor? Me too. That's why I made my own....
LegendaryWolf (413)
*Remastered* Alpha Search - The best search engine [add your own results]
# The best search engine! now add your own results! # This is not low-effort! as @CodingCactus unlisted my prev post which was a low effort, I remade...
AntimatterDev (27)
Antimatter-beta test
hello people of repl.it. if you remember me you probably remember me from either my project-skye proxy or from me asking stupid questions. This projec...
TimothyRowell (150)
School Unblocked
This is a school unblocker/proxy that took a bit to make but well worth it if u wanna copy just ask :D (don't go on any PH ERM u know what I mean) # E...