ParkerHance (0)
2D Mirror Game
I saw another post that made a 2d aim game in BASIC so I decided to try it and made my own little game. The code isn't pretty but it works lol. You h...
SixBeeps (3724)
🖱️ 2D Aim Game
For whatever reason, I really felt like making something in BASIC again. However, I had no ideas. But then, I was reminded of [this video](https://www...
Magic 8 Ball
Ask a question, and the magic 8 ball shall answer. Or, it might tell you why it can't tell you, why it does not want to answer you, how it does not ne...
xJustPeachyx (0)
glitch thing
it legit looks like a glitch is invading the screen-
JonathanHsieh2 (0)
Are we there yet?
For all you peeps living in California.
JonathanHsieh2 (0)
The Number Game
A short game; easy to code for noobs.
UltimateCreeper (0)
Basic Mouse Detection
I just experimented with mouse detection. I don't understand how this works exactly, but it does.
SeamusDonahue (103)
Basic: basic drawings
introducing basic drawings (i say that like this is impressive lol) this is a program for drawing basic drawings written in basic controls: wasd - m...
JeremiahSaunder (6)
Basic Animation
This is a simple animation with Basic. The code is really messy, but I'm working on improving that. **Press RUN to see it!**
AmazingMech2418 (994)
# Life Welcome to my BASIC program for Conway's Game of Life! ## Instructions To pause, press space. To toggle a cell, click it. ## Bugs Unfor...
MasonTime (1)
Basic grid movement made with basic
So I made some basic grid movement with the new basic module that made.
emilyhgim (0)
Don't come yet tho...
Don't come yet! I'm not done!!! :O
emilyhgim (0)
I'm still working on this!
I have barely any idea what I'm doing. I hope it works! LOL
emilyhgim (0)
This is a piece at work, can someone tell me how to set up choices?
Help me! Please tell me if you know how to set up choices in coding language BASIC.
AnnaMcGuiness (0)
Perceptron Neural Network in BASIC
I was bored so I decided to try to create a perceptron neural network in the BASIC programming language. For those who do not know, a perceptron is a...
SixBeeps (3724)
[GIF] Me When I See Tendies
A while back, the `DRAW` command was added to the PGBasic subset. I figured this command would speed the rendering process up by quite a bit. Combined...
amasad (3073)
New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
We're approaching 1.0 for Basic so I wanted to do a big final push before I lock the features and start focusing on fixes and performance enhancements...
lolcoding (7)
EricDennison2 (1)
Happy Birthday, Warren!
Happy Birthday, Old School style! -Eric
ArnavBansal (18)
Cellular Automata in BASIC (rule 126)
It should be trivial modify it to produce any of these:
AmazingMech2418 (994)
Pong in BASIC
This is an attempt to recreate the classic game Pong with BASIC, the language (or at least another form of the language) used to create the original g...
SixBeeps (3724)
Bad Apple in BASIC
It's practically a meme to put Bad Apple on everything, from graphing calculators to Gameboys. So, I fig...
AmazingMech2418 (994)
Snake in BASIC
Here is a game of Snake in BASIC! This is my first BASIC program (well, outside of my calculator at least with TI-BASIC and excluding Visual Basic (VB...
amasad (3073)
Click around!
I just added click handling to Basic. Check out this fun program.
amasad (3073)
Animated @CodingCactus PFP
I asked @CodingCactus to animate his PFP in Basic but Basic didn't have the right APIs to do this -- now it does! This is a fork of his original post...
amasad (3073)
Conway's Game of Life (RIP)
The mathematical genius, John Conway, behind Conway's Game of Life just passed away. So I wrote this Conway's Game of Life in Basic as homage.
AdCharity (1345)
## Credits :P Thanks to SixBeeps for giving me moral support and tips and for actually making Basic possible ## Wut Basically this program ju...
SixBeeps (3724)
BASIC Image Printer
Sometime last night, I posted a Repl that made the funny Zwack image. It was horribly inefficient, and it took up a lot of space. This is that engine,...
SixBeeps (3724)
# This is @21natzil's PFP rendered in BASIC. I resized the image to a 50x50 bitmap, processed it through [this Repl](
SixBeeps (3724)
Circular Gradient in BASIC
I'm quite excited about the recent implementation of BASIC into because it was my first language (in a way). I just wanted to mess around with...