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RomeroSchwarz (201)
A Text Editor in the C++ Console
I've been learning c++ recently, and decided to take on a text editor. Using the input method that I explained [here](
CSharpIsGud (147)
Accidental terminal art
Totally accidental, was trying to figure out stty and got this...
finlay44111 (20)
Machine learning neural network
A machine learning neural network i have been working on
SilentShadowBla (82)
Cool looking infinite repeat coloured pattern... Hope you like it! Try it fullscreen [here](
TammyVarnum (8)
welcome to the krusty krab
meal order along with the food, drink, and tax. i am getting used to writing code.
Andi_Chin (135)
coding typing test
I wanted to improve my programming typing speed and couldn't find a good website to practice on. Since all the typing tests are in plain English. And...
SilentShadowBla (82)
THIS IS NOT A ONE LINE POST LMAO This is just a fun program that prints big letters "HELLO" over and over again...
SilentShadowBla (82)
Brawl Stars Battle Simulator
### Brawl Stars Battle Simulator Game **All brawlers are in the game** **Realistic Brawler Health and Damage** **Functioning decently** May ADD: -B...
TrashBlash (36)
Dungeon Challenge
Fight your way through multiple bosses. Includes a stat page, multiple classes, secret characters, and interesting challenges to overcome! I update as...
SilentShadowBla (82)
C++ MiniPhone v1.1
### A C++ Mini Phone System INSPIRED BY PyMiniPhone ##### Current Features -- Working Login System -- Games app -- Calculator app -- Help app ##### T...
EitanKhiyaev (5)
Passcode generator
I only got 2 months of coding experience. just decided to build this simple project. this is something simple i decided to put together, is there anyt...
etian (31)
My best/messiest code so far (work in progress)
So as no one knows, for school I've been working on a tic tac toe game and its pretty fun! I tried doing some coding now but I look through all the co...
AbTheCool (1)
code for .....
this code is for finding the area and perimeter of a quadrilateral called rectangle we only have to enter the length and the breadth and the code wil...
ahtisham (1)
grade calculation c++
grade calculation for inter the num or you watch your grade on my program ham.....
StevenMatiz (4)
Tip calculator
A simple calculator to help with tipping your waiter or waitress. Asks the user for the bill, then prompts the user to pick any of the most common...
MrEconomical (1411)
(Somewhat) Fast Prime Number Generator
Given a number N, this program calculates the Nth prime number. Essentially, this program loops through all the odd numbers until it has found N prim...
ShuDon (1)
Program obliczający pole trapezu :)
Hi! I created a program that calculates the trapezoidal field. My program is still simple because it's version 1.0. But I will update it later and als...
Blackout4344 (2)
Roman Commander Game
A fun war game where you are a Roman commander versus Germania.
etian (31)
I Fixed The Number Game
I fixed the number game made by mewant_taco cause no offense, but its rigged
phitsee (5)
Testing variables & loops
Doesn't display anything when running, just testing out some possible variables for a game.
Corwin_Strahan (15)
Game made for a class: D-2200
Just a fun lil' text-based game I made for my highschool C++ Programming class. Based off of [SCP Foundation](
CSharpIsGud (147)
🐍 SNAKE in C++ (OpenGL)
This is a game of snake made in C++, replit does not support opengl so to play it you have to compile it locally `g++ main.cpp -lglut -lGL -lpthread`...
cmasterstcd (4)
Chess assignment.
This is the chess code i have been working on and modified without test methods and i still want to improve it but it works. Bye Bye
JacksonCowie (203)
The Speed Of Sound
So this is a program written in C++ that calculates the time that it takes for a sound wave to go through a material. Nothing special really, just wa...
christianbm1 (16)
OOP Battleship Game
OOP C++ Battleship Game. It's a simple, 1 way game: player battles the computer. There might be bugs. Thanks a lot, Captain!
mcrockerjr (4)
Billy Mays
Announcement everybody, the ultimate repl is now here, prepare your colons for a world in which the ultimate kidney killer of a program is now here.
SilentShadowBla (82)
#### Brawl Stars **Includes** --Box Opener (Brawl, Big and Mega Box) --Battle Simulator MAY add: -Ability to pick computer's brawler (ADDED) -Balanc...
UzayAnil (19)
Tetris NO LAG
This is a Tetris repl with NO LAG. It's sort of an RPG game imported into Tetris.
RobertSherrill (2)
Final Grade Calculator
This is a program I used to calculate what I needed on my exams. I know you can just look up final grade calculators on the internet but it was fun to...
FranklinSupersm (42)
Play this crappy tic-tac-toe game that was somehow programmed using C++.