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mat1 (3332)
🔴[NEW]🔴 **🎮Play 2048 2️⃣🅾4️⃣8️⃣ In The Terminal💻** (in C➕➕) With *SIXEL* Graphics
# 2048 **YOU HAVE TO PLAY 2048 AT 🎮 🎮 OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK** ![Capture](
RandyBurris (5)
Game Features: -5 Classes -3 Mastery Paths for each Class -6 Passive abilities to choose from -4 Different Slots to Equip (Head, Armor, Weapon and...
SPQR (533)
Procedural dungeon exploration in the console using C++
A sneak peek at my current project. Current features: -non-blocking unbuffered console I/O -`Display` class to handle treating console as a screen an...
Highwayman (1357)
Thousandth Cycle Celebration - TCP Server in C++ (Unix sockets)
# PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!! > the repl DOES NOT WORK ON REPLIT. Any attempts to connect to this repl should fail with. Error 502 or something like that. To...
SPQR (533)
First Person view [FPS Engine] in the console (C++)
This code was largely written by [Javidx9 / OneLoneCoder] ( for Windows. As of this post I have ported it to Unix/ and...
mwilki7 (1104)
SoftCPU - Assembly Programming
Ever wanted to write an assembly program on repl? Now you can do it with this program! An 8 MB file is used as memory and a place for the instruction...
PasAdam (14)
Do you guys have ideas how I can improve it? I'm really in lack of ideas... Say anything that goes through your head! You can also try to find some bu...
sadiaishak (12)
We are using a integration method to run the program using different functions.
Daniel_Campos (11)
The lottery!! (99% of people can't win) NOT CLICK BAIT
Play this amazing lottery game and see if you can win!
CowNationz (50)
C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
This expands on @SPQR 's 'NON BLOCKING UNBUFFERED CONSOLE INPUT in C'. This is used to be able to whitelist and blacklist certain keys from being outp...
AlexanderLe1 (3)
Pokemon Remake
Play it! You'll have a lot of fun!
SPQR (533)
Console input which runs in parallel to the rest of the program (and for which pressing Enter isn't necessary) via CPU threading. Just a proof of con...
oignons (308)
Encryption: Recombination
Hello everyone! I made an Encryptor! They way it works is it scrambles the letters in your phrase to create a new "codified" message! For example, "ca...
Game of Za simulator
This is a schoolkids' game where i come from. Enjoy the fun of a time past your consciousness when you could not worry about stuff. With crosskill, st...
SPQR (533)
They've done it, everyone. You can now use ncurses on replit via the shell.
The team made some changes to the compiler this morning. You can now compile via clang if you use the shell (accessible via the command palett...
Highwayman (1357)
C++ Wrapper for SQLite Database
This is probably the biggest accomplishment for me right here lol. Let me start from the beginning... > scroll down to tldr for shorter thingy.. th...
JavierMacias (10)
Text Story adventure
A program that i might have gone a little bit too far with it, didnt have much time but here is what i could do in a week.
Shaheen_Fathima (6)
Tic Tac Toe Game
Tic Tac Toe Game designed in C++
epicman702 (210)
I'm learning C++
Hey guys I just started to learn C++ check out the code for more info! For when it asks you for a name, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY SPACES! It also works...
ChandlerMorell (75)
Funny Insult Genereator? Maybe?
This generates a random sentence with an insult!
Prime finder with factorial
basic prime finder, cant take more than 6 digits
ProgrammerAI (9)
Cost Predictor V1
# Intro Hey guys, it's me ProgrammerAI. My mom (check the bio on my profile) proposed me to make a program that predicts the price of a house in a per...
AaliyahIman (1)
Zombie War
This is for a final group project. Fight off the diseased Zombies.
theangryepicbanana (1628)
C++ dynamic typing
Not sure how I figured this out. Compound data structures coming soon.
SPQR (533)
Scipio's Pseudographics Game Engine (C++)
I'm in the process of making this game engine for top-down pseudographics games in the console. I shall make update posts as I make large, notable de...
HarveyH (159)
PolyBit is a C++ Kernel (or OS if you prefer that) and is very early in development. *** # How to get your software into PolyBit Just send me the rep...
ChandlerMorell (75)
Minutes to Eminem Songs
Translate minutes to Eminem songs!
JustinWu (4)
Dijkstra's Algorithm for a 6x6 matrix
This is an algorithm made to calculate the shortest path from one point to the next. The matrix represents a graph with directions. Feedback and quest...
Highwayman (1357)
![B0201127-3D96-4488-B95C-9A636FDF013D]( Just thought...
selimyalcinkaya (0)
Ben yaptım :D :D
bak şimdi kodu öyle güzel yazdım ki baştan aşağı şaheser yani :D