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Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
TheDrone7 (551)
GoodAnime Hi! This is my submission for the contest. (Barely managed to get it done). About Firstly, this is a link to the website. Nextly, the pur
timmy_i_chen (952)
July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
We're bringing back competitions, and this one is all about Multiplayer Games! Previously we shared Hop Fighter by @kaldisberzins as a shining exampl
superwhiskers (19)
undertale-themed realtime text chat thing
it's a really simple textchat site with markdown support. i themed it in the style of the undertale textboxes and kept it relatively simple. any time
MikeShi42 (95)
Two Player 2048: Race w/ Friends!
Fork the repl, and share the link with a friend to race in 2048, side-by-side! competitive 2048 game gif If you're intereseted in learning how it's
426729 (145)
3D Blocky Jump--Make your own levels too!
--TRY IT OUT at This game, Platformer Jump, is a game where you use WASD to reach the top of a level. Water is blue
rafaelcastrocouto (42)
3D Online Tag Game
Vanilla JS 3D Online Tag Game
kaldisberzins (260)
Hop Fighter 0.5 is out!
If you don't know, Hop Fighter is a platformer multiplayer game where the objective is to shoot your enemies and have fun. Ever since it got featured
kaldisberzins (260)
My multiplayer game
I know I am a bit late to the party but here it is: It is an online multiplayer platformer shooter. Play i
rafaelcastrocouto (42)
Space shooter
3D Multiplayer express nodejs gif
mjshi (8)
Multiplayer Fences
Adapted from the 1991 Windows 3.x classic: Featuring spectator mode & a fully functional queue. Press H for help/instructions, left click to join the
megatron0000 (15)
While completing LFS (a book, it stands for "Linux From Scratch"), there were so many packages to install that I easily forgot which package each prog
AugustoFerreir1 (4)
Start Building Bot on whatsapp
jayeshcp (0)
Express SQLite App
Express SQLite App
Helixable (5)
My game is randomly permanantly freezing a few minutes after I start. Can somebody help?
StefanGisi (2)
Programming in Paradise
Apps, programs, software are all always a work in progress. I've been using for years now trying to establish myself in the web development co
Bryannguyen (2)
hello no more describe my work in 20 hours very hard working
Vandesm14 (538)
The Amazing Clipboard App
This app allows you to save multiple clipboard entries to a single page. Just hit the paste button to pull from your clipboard and then click the item
Vandesm14 (538)
This is a really simple REST API demo api (or an example if you want to fork it) API Docs API Endpoint Prefix:
TheDrone7 (551)
Discord OAuth API Simplified.
I made a node.js library for simplifying the use of discord oauth API. For using it simply add the following dependency in your package.json file. "di
rounak (0)
Who Is Your Roommate
A quick simple tool to help students find their roommates after a messed up and competitive hostel booking.
daniel_halm (0)
Sorry for not completing the rest of the code as I have very short time.
426729 (145)
Platformer Jump!
Platformer Jump is a great block-based platforming game. Use the arrow keys to move. You can make levels with the level editor, name and share them. F
Vandesm14 (538)
New to Nodejs?
This is a simple test using Nodejs Express and a little bit of JQuery (which makes the requests easier). Tell me what you think! Output: https://node