Crosis (277)
Gepl Chat | Gepl Auth, message history, and more!
# GEPL AUTH We now have gepl auth! If you are not able to sign up, it is because you have spaces, or special characters in your name. # How To Here wi...
Infiniti20 (75)
Made a working chess game, with AI ♟️!
This project took over 100 hours to make! I finally learned how to draw `.svg` using HTML. I don't recommend it to anyone, **EVER**. This project was...
InvisibleOne (2102)
I sort of made this just messing around with some stuff. It's kinda satisfying.
Bookie0 (5641)
✊🏾 Black History Month ~ Celebrating African Americans
# 👋 Hello!! Hope everyone is doing safe and well! It's February, and the whole month of February is **Black History Month**! ![Screen Shot 2021-...
MarcusWeinberger (666)
repldm alpha 0.0.1 - direct messaging in repl.it!
# repldm is a project that aims to bring direct messaging functionality to repl.it *By me and @rafrafraf * ![demo](https://i.imgur.com/5pDahEc.gif)...
Coder100 (15367)
Fractal Trees
# Trees Have you ever looked at a tree? If so you know what a tree looks like. Yay! ## Pictures ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/image...
rafrafraf (1365)
repl DM: a sneak peak
## @marcusweinberger and i are working on something big ;) ## its called repl DM and its still in the making, but here is a **sneak peak** into what...
InvisibleOne (2102)
💣 Defuse the bomb! 💣 [New Part added!] [explosion sound effect now added!]
## 🧨 Can you defuse the bomb in time? Or will you be blown to pieces? The goal is simple: Defuse the bomb in 60 seconds ### Update I now added a se...
awdrgyjil1234 (26)
Games Unblocked!
Play games unblocked at school!
CodingCactus (4088)
Portfolio Site
Having developed my web dev ability to a pretty large extent since I made my old portfolio site, I decided my [old site](https://codingcactus.repl.co)...
CursorsDev (718)
dashy dash game REMASTERED
heyo, dashy dash was pretty nice, but i took it to the next level with starz (the name of this game). **starz** is about a color hole (a black hole,...
coder400 (24)
I made a library thing to make games with @Coder100 I made you a present, click the link: https://demousinggamefly.coder400.repl.co/ Enjoy I also g...
KobeFF (1283)
🌟 CSS Solar System 🌍
# The Solar System > By KobeFF Have you ever wanted to see the solar system **IN MOTION**!? Well, I just learned how to do CSS animations from [W3Sc...
rafrafraf (1365)
Remaking IOS from scratch
# just thought itd be fun lol The hardest part was probably making the swiping between pages from scratch (couldnt find a library that worked how i w...
BobTheTomatoPie (3195)
Crime Crowd! (Gta in p5.js or The Killer p2)
# How To Play `WASD` to move. `Click` to shoot. `Space` to punch. `1` to switch to pistol. `2` to switch to machine gun `3` to switch to sniper...
BobTheTomatoPie (3195)
DRAWQUIX Beta| Art Editor + Unlimited Projects
# DRAWQUIX Create and Make unlimited art projects! They will instantly save in between each mousemove! # Name glitch fixed!! Now it will always show...
TimothyRowell (40)
Gold clicker
try it out looking for beta testers and colaboraters comment your high score and I'll put it on the game :D
SwaritChoudhari (81)
To Do App
Hello there! I have made a to do app! Feel free to fork and make changes to it! Tell me if you liked it in comments. Edit: The updated version where...
AndrewCudzinovi (166)
So I actually finished a game for once
I made a game! After working on and off on it for almost a year, what started out as a school project became a half decent game. I did all the coding...
Coder100 (15367)
How fast can you CODE?
# Typing Game Have you ever wondered how fast you can code? Have you been frustrated by limits of your typing speed? ~~Maybe you couldn't get as many...
Barry123 (344)
MAGMA: A game about not dying
Hi. Here's a frustrating game I've decided to call Magma. ### How to Play: - Arrow keys to move - Don't touch the magma - Collect coins and try not to...
BobTheTomatoPie (3195)
Zombie Runner
# My First big p5.js project I have used p5.js before but never that much, this is my first big project using it! # How to play Use `WASD` to move ar...
LegendaryAlpha (202)
Alpha Docs - MUST SEE! [with auto cloud saver!]
# Features - + Saves text to Local Cloud storage every second like google docs! + Special button Named "add date" which adds the date, time, month,...
CatR3kd (418)
-New Web Portfolio!-
# Yo Fam So I was on repl share, just browsing, and I saw a post by @CodingCactus about his new portfolio site! So I click on it, and I thought it was...
BobTheTomatoPie (3195)
Pitlife 5
# Pitlife 5 This is the best Pitlife yet. I took everything I had liked about the other Pitlife games and combined them, adding more along the way. I...
Willard21 (248)
MineKhan (Minecraft for Khan Academy)
https://minekhan.willard21.repl.co/ This is a project I made for the Computer Programming section of Khan Academy. I'm told people keep trying to plag...
Thecoder12398 (21)
This is a simulation of getting hacked. THIS IS JUST A MOCKUP.
This is a mockup of getting a virus on your computer. THIS IS JUST A MOCKUP. NOTHING IS HAPPENING UNDER THE HOOD.
lilpeen (218)
Minecraft in JavaScript
# READ THIS # VERY IMPORTANT # v IMPORTANT v **To everybody that is saying it was copied from [LINK REDACTED BY MODS]** It was not copied, that is my...
SwaroopBappanad (243)
Hey guys! I spent a day (most of it when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork lol) making this, and I put a LOT of effort into it. Normally, I would...
CursorsDev (718)
Dashy dash game
Dashy dash is a game about dashing. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Space to dash. When you red boi you are weak and vulnerable When you orange bo...