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posted by timmy_i_chen (934) 1 year ago
all you have to do is play it go to how to play and read the instructions
posted by duck132912 (13) 4 days ago
search in the search bar and enjoy the videos watch all you want
posted by duck132912 (13) 3 days ago
Canvas Basketball
Time your jump and shot to make it into the hoop. Press Space to jump, S to shoot F for solitaire mode W for walls C to clear screen of all balls D for debug info Smartphone controls: Touch down to jump release touch to shoot New "Clear balls" button added (I should have added this long ago) - Thanks democat for the feedback Also added hotkey for it, along with a scoreboard - Thanks ebest for the feedback
posted by mwilki7 (111) 10 days ago
Fruit ninja clone game made with PhaserJS
I started to use to developt my html5 games :) ![Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.02.30 AM](
posted by numcomx (101) 7 days ago
WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
MINECRAFT! IN A WEB BROWSER! AWESOME!!! It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in! Just try to explore!
posted by HENRYMARTIN4 (54) 2 months ago
Three Ways
Hello ! This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve. __If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :__ You enjoyed the game ? Don't forget to upvote ! Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold ! Have fun ! (Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)
posted by Equation (169) 4 months ago
MEME Website
I have made a website on my own, and I have decided to share it to you guys on replit. Enjoy and don't forget to open it in a new tab with the symbol (" little square with a diagonal arrow ") because it's way better that way. Also don't forget to put a comment like a suggestion or an appreciation or something like that, and it will be very nice it you could vote for me on the top left. ** It is very important to open in a new tab !! ** _____________________________________________________________________________________ **For the challenge :** 1 - Hit, press or smash the **space bar** on your keyboard while you are on the main page and it will show you this : ![image]( - Keep pressing the **space bar** until you get to the end of the "story". 2 - Again, for the challenge i have made a page where you will need to press the **space bar** to get some photos memes, press this : ![image]( ** I hope you will enjoy and if you do, don't forget to up vote! It will make me happy**
posted by lsambrook (284) 1 month ago
Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it) The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you must avoid dying. Don't touch the red blocks and don't get shot by a Turret (duh). Play through the Levels or enter the Arena and try to survive. The way the game relates to the theme of Cash is.. uh.. you get to keep your cash because this game is free! For the best experience, open this link in a new tab: Full DevLog: version 4.2 - current (17.04.2019) - added guided missiles - added rope block wrapping - added level 4 - added explosion recoil - changed turrets appearance - added idle turret animation - added arena menu display turret behaviour version 4.1 (13.04.2019) - added practice mode - altered arena to account for easy winning strategies version 4.0 (12.04.2019) - added explosions - added super predictive turrets - added arena survival mode - added level 3 - redesigned menus - got rid of title card animation - added bouncy bullets - added death animation version 3.0 (05.04.2019) - added a main menu - added buttons - changed appearance of predictive turrets - made level 2 final challenge easier - added peak text version 2.0 (30.03.2019) - added level 2 - added turrets - improved hook sticking mechanic - changed controls (again) - optimized forces (jump strength, friction, drag) - added predictive aiming - removed 3 challenges from level 1 version 1.2 (23.03.2019) - added title card - added safe area at beginning - added checkpoint text version 1.1 (23.03.2019) - added 3 more challenges (total now 13) - made controls more intuitive - added checkpoints
posted by MatthewStirling (104) 4 months ago
Goblin Hunter
Hello! This is the game I created for the game jam: Goblin Hunter. There are 2 players, the idea is to hunt (touch) the goblins that appear on the map, first to 20 points win! Player 1 moves with the arrow keys, and the Player 2 with WASD. Feel free to give feedback, if you want, you can look at the source code, I added comments so it's easier to understand. I recommend playing in a new tab/window.
posted by Luisfetoga (115) 4 months ago
Lost souls don't come back.
This is a small game with many endings, that I made in for the game jam. I made this in one day. Please enjoy. I am not going to spoil the game.If the character moves slow, it is because of your computer. If you like this submission, then check out: .
posted by PCL (233) 4 months ago
Press Space for FREE 👏 MEMES 👏
# [FREE 👏 MEMES 👏!]( How can you say no to that? 😊 It has a nice style (I made the CSS, it's not gonna blow your mind), a bunch of content from Reddit, and you can even see how many upvotes a submission has and who uploaded it. It takes a random submission from a given subreddit (defaults to r/memes) with the reddit API when you press space. I am not responsible for any weird things you see there. [Have fun](! Some recommendations: + memes - get free memes! + dankmemes - a more abstract alternative. + me_irl - selfies of the soul + unixporn - woah those are some epic Unix setups! + programmerHumor - some programmer jokes + dadJokes - sorry for that one + programmerDadJokes - same but for programmers + anything else on Reddit... ![freememes](
posted by liltaco (47) 1 month ago
Qake demo
This is a threejs demo of pixelized games. This is how i made one of my games ... - code at . Click recreate to make your own game and add your own js and css. Original content by Magnus - LINK: Post by: @vvc
posted by vvc (46) 2 months ago
Clone of
Type like a hacker in the browser. Enjoy and vote. ![1_XYL3uiKBKSvLaNtbJOpa0Q](
posted by SolarBoom (41) 5 days ago
██💎Empty 3: Endgame💎██
**NOTE: THERE ARE NO ENDGAME SPOILERS IN THIS POST.** There have been many generations of Empty before this one. The legend begun with @mat1's infamous "Empty" and continuing on with none other than "Empty 2" (wow, what an original name) by @eankeen. However, I plan to finally end the saga with Empty 3: Endgame. That's right, the **ENDGAME**. No, I did not steal this from Avengers, I haven't even heard of that before. This is the Endgame because it is truly the most ultimate of all Empty repls that have preceded it, and provides a much more empty experience. Edwin, aka. eankeen, attempted to expose the lies of mat's "Empty" in his post, but that is not the empty way. He was showing anger and annoyance in his post, while what is truly required is simple emptiness and discipline. That is why I will abstain from condemning either of them, and simply explain why my Empty is the ultimate adaptation. # The Infinity Files The six infinity files were created before the universe itself: *, giving the power of TensorFlow, data analysis, and the power to develop machine learning algorithms. ![mindpy]( * Power.js, boosting any plain HTML and CSS web page with immense power and abilities to do things that plain HTML/CSS would never in their lifetime be able to accomplish. It is the front of the frontend. ![powerjs]( * Reality.css, shaping reality and defining the color, boundaries, and senses that we experience in our everyday lives. Without reality.css, the world would be a dull void. ![realitycss]( * Soul.png, shaping all of our souls and giving us hope for the future. When you look at a meme that is in a .png format, you can't help but feel relieved and regain your hope in humanity. ![Capture]( * Space.txt, which is an empty text file just like the void of space. Think of how much space can be saved by having an empty text file instead of text files with characters in them! ![spacetxt]( * Time.csv, providing all of the data of the history of the universe and of time itself. Time is documented within .csv, making it a great file to hold the time stone. ![Capture]( # The Power of the Files I, Mooopy, plan to use these Infinity Files with my Infinity Repl to wipe out all input and create perfect emptiness, thus saving thousands of gigabytes in storage and allowing us to save our resources. With the power of all the six stones, in combination with index.html, the gauntlet that binds them all together, I hit run repl. ... And what do you know? It's true emptiness. Nothing. A blank white canvas. But wait! You may be thinking ... what about the output? Well, if you switch over to the console tab, there is also nothing there! Not even a line telling you the version of the language or anything! And thus, thousands of EXABYTES of data can be spared and replaced with emptiness, which takes up almost nothing. My work here is done.
posted by Mooopy (60) 3 months ago
Ring, my entry for the <space> competition, is a simple web app that adds a spinning ring with random properties (e.g. color, thickness, size) to the screen. Here are some pictures I took of what this can look like: ![img1]( ![img2]( ![img3]( remember to upvote if you like this!
posted by theangryepicbanana (657) 1 month ago
Use ASWD or the arrow keys to move.
posted by JaidynA (57) 4 months ago
[New levels] 🔴 WebGL Rolling Sky
### Make sure to check out my another game! ### And also my new programming language! --- One of my older projects Used the **Three.js** library *100%* made by me! **Play** 👉 ### 🎮 How to play: * Click or touch the screen to start * 🖱 **Control the ball** with your mouse or your finger 👆 * Don't let the ball to fall 'till the end! ### 💡 Tips: * At first you'll feel hard to control the ball, but **try more** and it'll be more comfortable to play * 📱 If you're on a **mobile** device, it's best to rotate the screen to **portrait** Inspired by the original **Rolling Sky** avaliable on App Store or Google Play More **levels** and **features** will be added in the future 👇 Report **bugs** or give **suggestions** in the comments below 👇 👍 Don't forget to give me an **upvote**! **Bonus**: Level designer (Beta)
posted by JSer (1087) 1 year ago
Omni - A Virtual Assistant
# Omni - Voice Assistant Omni is an online virtual assistant that uses speech recognition and speech synthesis. It can answer questions, using over 100 sources (Wikipedia, IMBd, The Free Dictionary, etc). Features include: - Getting the weather - Image Searching - Playing Music For people who would rather type, the user's chatbox is editable (pressing enter would cause Omni to start processing). *** ### Below is a full list of commands: | Command | Example | | ------ | ------ | | *Answering Questions| "What is DuckDuckGo", "Who is Larry Page" "What are the Simpsons Characters| | SoundCloud| "Play Rock on SoundCloud", "Play Alone by Marshmello on SoundCloud" | | YouTube| "Play Despacito", "Play Ice Bucket Challenge Videos" | | Current Weather| "Is it snowing", "What is the Temperature" | | Location-Based Weather| "What is the weather in London", "Weather of China" | |Image Searching (Flickr)| "Show me an image of a cat", "Picture of a Mountain Range" | | Small Talk | "How are you", "What's your name" | | Timer | "Set a timer for one hour and twenty minutes", "Make a timer for one minute and two seconds" | | Time | "What's the time"| | Date | "What day is it today", "What's the date"| *~~CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) blocks javascript from getting a few answers. The solution is to use server-side languages like PHP, but it requires owning a server.~~ **Found a [workaround](!** *** ### Settings | Setting | Description | | ------ | ------ | | Hey Omni| Voice-Activation (like Hey Siri). **Work in Progress**| | User Language and Dialect| Changes the Speech Recognition language/dialect. **Only English is supported so far**| | Omni Voice| Changes Omni's voice. **It only speaks in English so far**, so changing the language would make it have an accent (which is fun).| | Omni Volume| Changes the Omni's volume (max is the default)| | Omni Rate| Changes the Omni's rate of speech | | Omni Pitch| Changes the Omni's pitch (middle is the default)| *** ### How does Omni find its answers? Results that don't fit into any function are split into 4 categories: - A (article), - C (categories) - D (disambiguation) - E (exclusive) **Article answers** give an abstract/summary of the answer, using sources such as Wikipedia and IMBd. **Disambiguation answers** mean that the result is not specific enough (more than one possible answer). For example, the word "Apple" could mean the company or the fruit. For this reason, the reply is a bullet list of more specific answers. **Category answers** are from results such as "Simpsons Characters", where the answer is a list of characters in The Simpsons. **Exclusive answers** mean it is something with a definite answer, rather than defining something. For example, 2*2 or the size of Earth. ### Example (GIF) ![]( #### Important: **You have to open the repl in a new tab** This is because the functions (keyboard & microphone) won't work.
posted by cloud9c (104) 5 months ago
Clicker Game
This is my clicker game and my first Javascript project/program. I hope you enjoy playing and looking at it. I know there are areas that could be improved. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. Have a nice day. :)
posted by woodyloody (6) 1 month ago
🧠 Connect 4 AI
Just a simple but fast connect four AI made using HTML, CSS, JS. **How To Play:** The aim of the game is to get four of your counters (red) in row, this can be diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Each move click on one of the seven columns to drop your counter into that column. **How It Works:** 1) Each potential place the AI can place a counter is scored based on the amount of counters around that place and the length of the segments around it also. 2) The move above is also checked to make sure that by moving to that position that the AI doesn't cause the player to win, or for the AI to sacrifice a potentially good move, if this is true then the score of that move becomes 0. 3) If there is one distinct highest score, that one is chosen, else the AI just picks a random move from the highest scoring moves. **REMEMBER TO UPVOTE!** PLAY HERE:
posted by LucHutton (157) 6 months ago
Byte: The Game
# Play the game [here](! Best played in a separate window. Requires a keyboard - sorry mobile users! ## Byte: The Objective In Byte, the goal is to generate every 8-bit number by flipping switches, one switch at a time. Here's the catch: you can't generate the same number twice, so you'll have to be systematic with how you count! (Hint: look up Grey Code) There's a practice mode that will not end the game if you generate the same number. But the challenge mode is where it all counts! ## Backstory A few months ago the team went to an escape the room as part of a team bonding activity. We were in the final room and each of us were spread among different puzzles. One of the puzzles was a locked box with 8 switches. With not much time left and no clues to help us with the numbers, I did the only thing I could think of - brute force the crap out of the box. I got lucky, and it worked after a few dozen flips. When we were debriefing afterwards, @turbio claimed he could get through all 256 combinations in a few minutes. I challenged him to do so, he accepted, and it was off to the races. Recently, @turbio and @basicer re-created the lockbox, and showed that it was indeed possible to get all the combinations within a few minutes. I believe at this time of writing @turbio's record is about 2 minutes. Because physical programming is not my forte and @phoopio and I wanted to add more features, we made this sweet web-based game to simulate the box (sorry @turbio!) ## Credits and Acknowledgements @kognise for [water.css]( @turbio and @basicer for inspiration @phoopio for finding patterns within grey code
posted by timmy_i_chen (934) 3 months ago
Desafio do
Desafio para uma vaga de emprego do utilizando HTML, CSS e JavaScript
posted by MarcoBrunoBR (0) 1 day ago
Click this post to get logged out of!
# :) ![Logout]( How it works: It's literally just an img tag that links to
posted by mat1 (2255) 23 days ago
MEME Website
For the English people : I have made a website on my own and I don't think I will post it on internet, so I decided to share it to you guys on replit. Enjoy and don't forget to open it in a new tab with the symbol (" little square with a diagonal arrow ") because it's way better that way. Also don't forget to put a comment like a suggestion or an appreciation or something like that, and it will be very nice it you voted for me on the top left. **If the links are not working, click right here for the website with the working links :** __________________________________________________________________________________ Pour les personnes françaises : J'ai fait un site web et je ne vais pas pouvoir le mettre sur internet donc je le partage avec vous sur replit. J'espère que vous allez l'apprécier et n'oubliez pas de l'ouvrir dans une nouvelle page grâce au symbole ("carré avec petite fléche en diagonale") car cela vous donne une meilleur expérience. N'oubliez pas de commentez des suggestions, des appréciations et aussi de voter en haut à droite. **Si les liens ne marchent pas, essayez le site web suivant avec les liens qui marchent : **
posted by lsambrook (284) 2 months ago
Cellular Automata
**Warning: Be careful if you have epilepsy. There are flashing/moving squares/lights.** It should probably be all right, but just be careful. *Please view in fullscreen.* This is just a Cellular Automaton that generates a new ruleset when you press space. For each line of cells, each cell is either alive or dead depending on the state of the 3 cells above it in the line above, and this updates quickly. There are quite a few boring rules but a few are quite nice and apparently some have infinite complexity. Auto-update is on by default but you can switch it off by clicking the settings icon. Things I should probably do but won't: * Reduce likelihood of common rules * Remove boring rulesets - *I have now added in basic detection so that if the rule generates a line of completely alive/dead cells for more than 1 generation, then it dies. However, this sometimes kills perfectly good rulesets, so you can disable it in the settings menu if you want.* * Setting for length of auto-update * Make the settings menu look nicer * [Suggest more] Here are some screenshots: ![image]( ![image]( Have a play around :) (And don't look at the spaghetti code)
posted by ArchieMaclean (523) 1 month ago
"Excursion" is a website that uses the Mapillary API to constantly show random images of streets and roads around the world. Mapillary is like an open source version of Google Street View. Every image has a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, meaning anyone is able to upload and use images for free. I've been meaning to experiment with their platform and saw the Space contest as a great opportunity. Try pressing the space bar to display a new location, or you can wait and a new one will be shown every few seconds. It's really interesting getting to see how a completely unexpected location looks, especially in countries that are unfamiliar to me. **EDIT**: Not sure why, but if you run the app within the inline Repl viewer it doesn't load one of the dependencies correctly. It does work when you load the webpage at though.
posted by RileyWalz (7) 1 month ago
The Destroyer of Web Browsers
So I had a half day and got a bit bored and made this. When you click the button, the website it opens to runs a snippet of JavaScript which opens the same page, and so on. Basically, it spams tabs until your browser or computer crashes. This is for educational purposes and as a joke, please don't use it maliciously. I've only tested it in Edge (you must enable redirects), Firefox (redirects automatically enabled), and Chrome (you must enable redirects). To exit, just exit the browser. I've timed this on my computer and it takes about 2 1/2 minutes to stop responding, however, my computer is lower end. Once again, this is for educational purposes only, please enjoy and use responsibly. THIS MAY CAUSE YOUR BROWSER OR COMPUTER TO CRASH. Redirects must also be enabled in order for the project to work properly.
posted by danielk (43) 6 months ago
Programming Quotes
Hey! This is my second competition entry. It generates new Programming Quotes from a database every 5 seconds, or you can press space to speed it up. (Make sure to open it in a new tab!) - Ryan H Code
posted by ryanhcode (85) 1 month ago
Space Runner
I entered this game in the game jam, but that post is locked now, so I posted it again in share. WASD or arrows to move, and q or space to shoot. 1 to pause, and 2 for fullscreen.
posted by GameMaster1928 (40) 2 months ago