EpicGamer007 (1228)
This is inspired from @DynamicSquid 's amazing project, [pixel art creator](https://repl.it/talk/share/Pixel-Art-Creator/43722). Y'all better make sur...
SeanKelman (8)
Tic-Tac-Toe GUI Game with ability to change colors and have 1 or 2 players.
KaiaRalston (3)
Final Project
animation of Solar System with orbiting planets around the sun
ArnoldKajiwara (2)
Movie codes java
the movie categories you can watch and see the code.
lhayden (1)
2048 in Java Swing
This is a replica of the 2048 game, written in Java Swing, using 2D arrays. I still need to add keypress functionality so you can play with the arro...
JonasKobza1 (1)
Jonas game
this is my super sick comp sci game. Enjoy
calebbrown2424 (4)
Senet is an ancient Egyptian two player game, also known as the "game of passing". This Java Swing project was created for my AP computer science clas...
BenZink (1)
it is an E drawn my a turtle
epiclink29 (0)
What should I do next?
Hey! I have been doing Java for about a week now, and with some help on the internet I managed to make a calculator, what should I make next?
BethStoudt (0)
Madelbrot Set
I'm trying to get the graphics to work on this. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the .replit file and how to use the awt library. This works fin...
SavageBananas (0)
Seven Segment Display by Bruno Wu
SummiaParveenPa (0)
Sample AWT program
Button component on the Frame.
MichaelJJ1 (0)
Minesweeper Game: Day 8
Minesweeper game created for the Coding Kickstart Summer Camp!
CapitalFront (7)
Console PLUS GUI App!
This is the longest project of the week (took 30 minute and my leg cramps on the chair) also I just learned Java 1 month ago :) I recommend using offl...
MrReece (0)
GUI Example - Intro to using a GUI
This will introduce you to using the Java Swing class. The elements used include images, labels, buttons and textFields
MQuadri75040 (0)
Checkers for APCS
A game about checkers, it is very fun. i did this for my ap cs final which i got a 4 on. ya feel. just tryna bypass this character limit so i can post...
ArthurWilkinson (0)
Simple Graphics Lab
Creates random circles of different sizes, colors, and locations, along with rectangles nested between each other of different colors. Their heights a...
SiStreetLove (0)
Assignment Temple
You can use this Turtle code to begin your project.
maherismail (0)
translate demo
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karthiks18 (0)
Hangman base
base hangman gui code that needs to have logic implemented by the students
Sam205 (0)
mi primer replit para calcar una imagen
imyvette (0)
Turtle @ Repl.it
Java Turtle practice Created by CSAwesome Forked
F1NN73RN37 (0)
Fun With Turtles
An assignment for AP CS. Hi, Mr. Mueller.
ncsQuan (0)
Project 1A - Java to Python Cross Compiler/Translator
Group 1A prototype version 1 -Run to see the GUI -Using this online compiler does take time to display the GUI
EvanHall3 (0)
code for simplifying creating and switching states in java swing
MadeleineSincla (0)
it's a little smiley dude :D
MarkMoylan1 (0)
Introductory Grid World First Project
Introductory Grid World First Project
ArnoldKajiwara (2)
Hacking hospital data and information
This website it explain how i solve to hack new information
GavinJakobJakob (0)
1.3.3 Access Medical Records
Changed medical records to be accurate.
this test has to be at least 50 characters long which is why i'm writing this