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minimum difference pair
Given an array of numbers, return the pair of numbers that give the minimum absolute difference. Return the pair as an array, sorted in ascending orde...
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HR (Fashion Inventory)
hack reactor prep module 2:fashion inventory
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search filter for collection data
This simple function will search the collection based on the input value.
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fit word
A billboard is an m x n array, where each array element consists of either one letter or a blank space. You are given a phrase and the billboard dimen...
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longest string
get me here for more
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Recursion Factorial
Factorial using recursion
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Small enough
Given an array and a limit value. You must check that all values in the array are below or equal to the limit value and return true.
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Find Count of Most Frequent Item in an Array
Find Count of Most Frequent Item in an Array
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greatest common denominator
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fortune teller
This can predict anything, give it a try