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DeaconBurgess (74)
PixelBlox v0.0.1
Developed by: Sol-Fire Studios (My Unity Game Dev Team) IN PROGRESS (ACTUALLY BEING MADE IN UNITY)! Soon!- Gravity & physics edition (THE...
DeaconBurgess (74)
PixelBlox v0.2.1 update
update v0.2.1 update is out including - Window name flying and creative mode
Blackout4344 (24)
Snake Game
Kinda easy, pls upvote! as @Bookie0 says: "Upvoting IS Caring!!! 😊 😃 🙏 "
GabrielCuevas1 (7)
Snake In Love2D
Yo look at this stuff it was hard and not Just Look at it Ok!
lukel_lv (16)
Asteroids game made with Love2D
simple game of asteroids made with Love2D
Oscar05 (6)
COIN RUSH is a skill based sidescroller jumping game with 4 different scenarios and thematics that change and challenge you based on your score. The...
Big_EpicEpic (12)
2D Sandbox Game! (Totally not Terraria)
Come play my 2D Sandbox Game! I developed this over a year ago, and I only just realized had Love2D!
lukel_lv (16)
Flappy bird remake
this is a Flappy bird remake using Love2D. the controls are ←for going to the left, →to go right, and ↑ to go up. don't forget to upvote. Enjoy...
masterniting (4)
Adventure of Cash for Treasure
Controls :- WASD for movement , left mouse click to shoot , Gun will point in the direction of mouse. In this platformer game. You have to collect all...
lukel_lv (16)
Eyes that follow your cursor
the controls are: 1) move your cursor around. 2)that's it. have fun!
DavidDouglas (0)
Love2D errors
Hi everyone, I am going through HarvardX:CS50G Introduction to Game Development course and I downloaded the course files. However when I try to run o...
HongjiDai (2)
Love2d Pong
I'm a beginner in lua and love2d. I tried my best to make the game Pong. If you find any bugs please inform me. I'll probably try to fix it.
CodeQueen4123 (0)
Program won’t run
I am new to this and last night my program wouldn’t run so this morning I changed what the program should say and it worked running another python pro...
thatpythonkid (7)
I made some random game where you click nonthing. I made a Mac and Windows build if you want to play it without the ide.
thatpythonkid (7)
My first love2d game!!
I started developing games in love2d and this is my first one. I also posted it on here is the link. [ page](
Blackout4344 (24)
Astroid Game
I made it from love2d. :D Have fun! (May be a bit laggy
zleap (3)
basic movement
I am trying to get this working, however despite the code being as it is in my book, it seems to fail below the point indicated. I am not sure if t...
IvanWang1 (0)
Love2D Prototype