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timmy_i_chen (946)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
Vandesm14 (507)
A super simple chatroom that is fast and secure
Hate the fact that you either don't have discord or don't have access to it? Well now you can enjoy the fun of human to human communication though Low
AppliDev (76)
A new repl!
So I was just thinking about some idea then I decided to create a URL shortener and I did! Heres the website: I am still work
amasad (1374)
Realtime file updates now will sync your files in realtime. It even has a neat little cursor for when the system is giving you file updates 🤯 Try forking this rep
Anthony_Tonev (77)
Basic Card Game
Node js multiplayer card game. The game is just an experiment. Please try running it at full screen https://basic-card-game--anthony-tonev.
Nanowrimoijk (31)
RPG Maker CE v1.0 is out!
I added a whole lot to the engine, and it can do a lot more now, from using skills in battle to inventories. Check it out! The instructions are inside
eankeen (605)
██ Empty 2 (⚠️warning: this one is super cool) ██
██ Empty 2 ██ You may have seen the original "Empty repl", posted by @mat1 a while back. If you're not familiar, Mat called his "Empty" repl a "phi
eankeen (605)
📰 XKCD Comic Viewer 📝
😌 So I made a viewer for the xkcd comics gif Features Automatically switch through comics every ~10 seconds ** to manually switch comics. "Manual m
Blockchain with 4 blocks
This is a blockchain that consist of 4 blocks. Here each block is connected to other block with a hash value and it store the previous hash value also
donvito (1)
Sample GraphQL server using Apollo
For my learning, I've created an example of a GraphQL server using Apollo GraphQL server. I hope it can be useful to someone who is learning GraphQL w
JSer (1105)
3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
📰 Featured in the Newsletter Made with pure JS (Node.js for server-side) Used the Three.js and libraries Play 👉 https://3D--jser.r
eankeen (605)
📝 Replit Talk Post Fetcher
📝 Replit Talk Post Fetcher What it does If you're into helping other people in, you may be continuously checking replit talk for recently ask
rshetty (66)
A multiplayer open source Pokemon MMO that runs right in your browser!
This game uses to run. Please visit to play the game. Note that this is just an engine at th
eankeen (605)
📰 XKCD Comic Viewer
📰 XKCD Comic Viewer Features Automatically flips every ~10 seconds Press space to manually flip (goes back to automatic after ~15 seconds) Hover ove
vedprad1 (707)
HAPPY TAU DAY! Today, we celebrate the irrational number that pretty much nobody knows. Tau is the double of Pi, for those plebeians who do not know.
jajoosam (566)
Starbot adds support for appreciation in a discord community! You can give people who helped you stars, and the bot will note it - also creating a lea
eankeen (605)
🚀 Silly Game 💸
🚀 Silly Game 💸 demo Started developing this back in the day. I wasn't able to finish it entirely, but hacked something up near the end just to subm
IbraheemRodrigues (76)
OneShot | 🚀Online Space Shooter 👩🏽‍🚀 | 📱Mobile Friendly
🎮Play it here. Now mobile friendly! ❤️One Life.🔫One Shot. Survive In this game you must try to survive the longest using only one shot. Online Mu
JSer (1105)
💬 Extremely simple Live Chat in Nodejs 💬
Since I saw many chat REPLs here, I decided to create a Node version of it. Used the express and module 👉
jajoosam (566)
SPongebob AS a SERVICe
yOu'Ve aLWaYs needEd thIs hTtPS://SaAS.4TY2.fUn here aRe some eXtRa cHaRS BECaUsE THere IS A Min LiMIt OF 100
Kognise (219) Instantiation POC
I made a a proof of concept for instantiating a bunch of repls. As you may have seen, I recently made a Node API client for! I wanted to put i
phobos (3)
Parallel async in JS
3 ways of working with async/await in JavaScript and how to make them run in parallel
hayaodeh (149)
Simple Calculator
I'm learning how to code more with Timmy and this is a simple calculator we built together.
bearbearmo (101)
Node.js Impossible Nims AI
This is a very simple and short AI, in total the AI is one line long. else nimstot -= nimstot % 4 == 0 ? Math.ceil(Math.random() * 3) : nimstot % 4
TheDrone7 (549)
Andromeda - A space shooter
A space shooter game I made for the game jam. All the instructions included in-game. Click here to play now > WARNING: it gets really difficult afte
Scytherbar (8)
Chat Room // Online
This is an online chatroom made in Node.js.
sojs (82)
Joke machine - generates jokes
Joke machine
Vandesm14 (507)
Lock Picker 2.0 (Revamp)
I have remade the original lock picker game to support random levels! That means no more crashing and no more ending the game! Its all zen mode! Valid
leon332157 (64) Desktop App
An app for made with Electronjs. Supports discord RPC. GitHub repo: Collabrator @mat1
jajoosam (566)
Make an instrumental version of your Spotify playlist!
wordLess finds instrumentals for songs from your spotify playlist, and loads them up into a shareable page. More in this tweet! Check it out 👉 https
amasad (1374)
Blog in Node.js
Check out my blog that I wrote a while ago in Node.js. It used to be hosted somewhere else but now is powerful enough to host it for me. The