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CraigMiller1 (3)
Wait wait wait....
You require me to schedule an interview and then at the end of the tutorial warn me not to schedule an interview and I must get the question approved...
komald4 (0)
Rock, Papers, Scissors
Put your skills against the computer.
b3nd3rssbm (0)
Run slp files on low end hardware!
Oliveiiraa (0)
Teste NodeMailer Gabriel Oliveira v1
GMunky (0)
WEIRD repl!
Do you want to buy a meme wand???!!!!
johnstev111 (254)
School has finished! I thought I might share this because of it. ~~Onward!~~ The All-of-zem project, (as the name vaguely suggests) is a project that...
weefz (0)
my repl!
maths. mor maths to mush maths. MATHS STAMMPPEDE!!!!!! ITS DA APPOCALYYPSE!!!!!!!!
komald4 (0)
Time of race determined by age and if registered.
komald4 (0)
Magic Eight Ball
Ask a question, let's see what the future holds...
CodeSalvageON (511)
Attention Kmart Shoppers! ![image]( PlogoPartners is...
komald4 (0)
Dog Years
Convert your age to DogYears!
komald4 (0)
Temperature Conversion
Kelvin Celcius Fahrenheit and Newton
FredWu (0)
buggy this is an example showing its error
PascalJardin (5)
learning javascript
this is for student to help them with javscipt
CodingGeekYT (0)
Key Logger.
## Easy to use KeyLogger written in Node JS! ### Features: * Key Saving to files, * Easy deleting (node deleteFiles.js), * HTML Viewing (Coming Soon!...
OzzieHarb (0)
function and loop help needed
The function isn't adding up the numbers it's called with
Coder100 (3017)
Anti-Rick Roll
# Anti-Rick Roll Have you been rickrolled? Don't worry! We have your back! Using this *new* protection, we can accurately find rickroll sites and site...
PowerCoder (561)
Global Nonsense Chatroom (HTML markdown for messages)
# Chatroom This is The Global Nonsense Chatroom where you can chat with people from around the world in a modern chatroom with sleek and modern UI. #...
awesomearjun1 (7)
Calculator with JavaScript
Calculator! This calculator works just as how you think of it! It does addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
ShivrajNag (13)
Advance JS Concepts, Problems, Questions
This repl contains JS concepts beyond basics with coding problems, interview questions, etc
rjlevy (11)
Node.js and Express.js language translator
This is a Node.js and Express.js language translator that uses an API for Google Translate. Using EJS for templating and Bootstrap for styling. Emojis...
AmazingMech2418 (659)
Update on EasyCTF
So, as you may know, at , I introduced a new cyberse...
AmazingMech2418 (659)
This is my submission for Weekly Challenge #8. This supports the following: - Linear and quadratic equations, given that the right of the equal sign...
AtlasTK (1)
15-puzzle game
![15-puzzle]( When you learn programming, there comes...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Final Repl.... Why for the LOVE OF GOD was my problem the order of my comparison? Yeah it became apparent when I was...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Last Practice... The only reason it took any time at all was misspellings of variable names. From a professor's, point of vi...
CraigMiller1 (3)
The 4th took 5 minutes.... Took 3 compiles and the fi5rst 2 were because of misspells on the function name.
CraigMiller1 (3)
Campground 3 done... This one was easy as can be.
CraigMiller1 (3)
Campgrounds: Good So Far Flying through this example hopefully.
jatin33 (0)
Explains their behavior and the differences between them