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Scoder12 (655)
Use VS Code Themes on!
# VS Code Themes on Hello guys, I figured out how to make use a custom color theme and wanted to share it with everyone! I made a ser...
RohilPatel (804)
I bet can get your local weather
# Local Weather Api ## Why did i make this? First off, i was simply bored, and I wanted to do something. I had made an app in XCODE with swiftui mak...
matthewproskils (309)
Javascript Text To Ascii
There's already a FIGlet in python, so i created one in javascript.Import is using: ``` const write = require('./other.js') ``` and use it using ``` w...
Ravens0606 (24)
Flame: Media Homepage!
Homepage for my sciFire web browser and Blaze: Social Media! Credit to @rjlevy for layout!
Duvangamer3845 (41)
A social media(as a minipost)
# This is the social media of my website now you can share your interesting # The classic page my website,this is a repost
jmvihtanen (1)
Roomalaiset numerot
Ohjelma muuntaa vuosiluvun roomalaisiksi numeroiksi.
ElevenCodes (2)
groceryList loop
Anyone like loops? Cuz we got them here!
ElevenCodes (2)
Print letters into the console.
I just wanted to make this for fun. I am using just basic javaScript no hate comments, please.
MichaelCannizz1 (0)
Password Checker
Password Checker Password Checker Password Checker Password Checker Password Checker
LoganB2 (0)
catch 21
this is based off the final round of the game show catch 21 you want to get 21 in the 3 piles by taking the current card and placing it on one of the...
Bartst89 (0)
3 solutions to find longest word
3 solutions to find longest word
rjlevy (48)
Covid19 API with data and charts
# Covid19 API with data and charts Click on each country to see data chart and sort data with table headers. Fully responsive on mobiles. ### Built...
TheForArkLD (660)
My new team, "stylesheets"
# **Yes, I made team.** ---- Yeah, really. ## **This team is for code css** ---- We code css, for load only to use good css. ## **If you want join t...
ironblockhd (224)
Bookmarklets sharing platform
# what are bookmarklets? They're bookmarks that start with `javascript:` instead of `https://`. They can run javascript # what is this for? There's no...
lawman4sure (0)
WeJapa Assesment
This is an assesment meant for Nodejs begginners
CristianMarque1 (0)
The (quick) problem
The solution to the quick problem
ironblockhd (224)
Display view count on a post
![loading..]( First, you need to generate your image codes on https://testcounter.ironblockhd.r...
CodeSalvageON (529)
Email Town- A virtual town inside an email thread!
Ok, so this is a weird one, but the title is pretty self explanatory. It’s going to be pretty confusing when you use it. GitHub Repo: https://github....
JDFrancis (1)
Pretty Print JSON Template
Pretty Print JSON REPL Template
RjandoniRahmana (0)
tugas 2
gatau ini kenapa ga bisa di jalanin, masa <doctype html> udah error dissitu gan??
MinukaWeerathun (0)
Password Encryption JS
Use this to simply encrypt and send your passwords to the Back End
MatthewX (6)
My first javascript project
This is some random questions like riddles. Make sure to type all your answers in lowercase. When you finish the questionare you will get a suprise! H...
JordanDev1 (0)
hash map example
example how to use hash map in js.
RjandoniRahmana (0)
semoga tugas yang saya kerjakan sesuaai seperti yang diharapkan
RjandoniRahmana (0)
arkademy day1
ini jawaban yang saya kerjakan hari ini semoga jawaban nya benar
zh24eric (29)
My first JavaScript
this is my first javascript so it sucks. But I just wanted to share it.
Coder100 (4340)
Recursive Descent Calculator
# Recursive Descent Calculator This is a recursive descent calculator. It uses recursion to both interpret and parse the input. The lexer is just a `f...
rjlevy (48)
Google translate app
Built with Node, Express, EJS and Bootstrap
melezhik (0)
DevOps Task. NodeJS solution
A simple task for devops scripting skills.
Bartst89 (0)
Simple seed creator
This function allows you to create formats for seeds from createTable from migrations. Paste your migration and receive a format for your seeds.