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JordanDixon1 (230)
I found this out when looking at a kahoot bot ai. I was messing around with stuff and figured out that I can unblock everything. Unfortunatly, there's...
CalebCarlson (33)
Mandlebrot Fractal V 1.01 - BETA
# Mandlebrot Fractal V 1.0 This program renders the mandlebrot set and saves it as an image that you can download. The image will be found in the Mand...
ArjunSS1 (93)
Repl Inside a repl
![Repl Inside a repl]( An infinite loop
JordanDixon1 (230)
Unblocker V2
Here is the second version of the unblocker. I have tinkered a bit and found that I can indeed add shift-only keys. To type shift-only keys just type...
hazelpy (7)
Bubble Sort Visualization (With Color)
I wrote a visualization for the bubble sort algorithm in Pygame, but since it was too boring, I added a forever-changing background that smoothly chan...
LukeShomper (26)
Simple Snake Game
I made a simple snake game (well followed a tutorial) because I was bored. Hope you like '_' Edit Controls are WASD
AustinBPark (17)
2D Terrain Generation without using noise.
Features: sand, trees, mountains, grass, dirt, underground rock, snow on mountains. The trees are pretty bad now so I might import an image later. Enj...
GrantKeo (79)
Tron: with Lasers!
# Welcome to Tron: with Lasers! > This is basically Tron with more functions. **NOTE**: This is a two player game. This is only fun with a partner....
Tru_Dev (23)
PyRPG Editor
### Hello! I am currently making an engine to make RPGs in, kinda like RPG Maker. Anyways, it is still in progress, but I thought it was a good time t...
JacobRogers (35)
A MineCraft clone with 4 blocks. It is very simple and may not load right away. Play for fun at
MATHyou (18)
Game with Pygame
I accept constructive criticism, but please don't just respond with "It's bad." or something like that. I already know that it's slowish, I don't know...
BrickBoston (33)
Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019
Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019 is a fun game where you are an Attack Helicopter! W: Go Up S: Go Down A: Go Left D: Go Right Space: Shoot
BrickBoston (33)
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! You need to update your computer, but watch out for the viruses! Controls: W-A-S-D-Q Survive 3 waves
JamesGordon1 (61)
Introducing my newest creation!
In this repl, you get a bot that will add as many bots to any server as you like and it comes with an AI for each bot and it will auto start...
LOLMcman (21)
Python Tic Tac Toe with a graphical interface
Just the classic tic tac toe but with a graphical interface. This was coded in python with pygame. I'm trying to learn pygame so some code might be re...
argthe1st (83)
So the game is pretty self-explanatory. I made this game when I was in middle school and I haven't edited it since (which is why it's so bad in some p...
lmc212006 (1)
You've made it to Mars. Now you have to land there. Use the up arrow to use the engine, left and right arrow to go left or right.R to replay.
Russell23 (32)
Improved DVD logo
Me and my friends spent 18 hour on this ( we are in year 9 ) This is our nearly complete DVD logo. Any suggestion on what to do with the code
mdnt (4)
Pong Game
Made a Pong game that's infinite. This is my first repl go easy on me lol
GrantKeo (79)
Challenge: One player "Tron: with Lasers!"
> **Q:** I am too lazy and exhausted to actually create an AI for Tron. For those bored AI pioneers, can anybody help me create an actual Tron videog...
Foster_Bryant (76)
Space Invaders
PLEASE play this game :( I worked for 4 days on it. This is my first game in pygame. It is space invaders but a little bit different and as your score...
WillHarmer (14)
My Idle game
made it in pygame Please fork it to save your progress Criticism is welcome
ajmd17 (25)
Destroyer of Crapcoins
A space invaders inspired game written in PyGame. Destroy coins to collect BTC and move to the next level. Don't destroy Bitcoins or let the "sour" co...
Ciang (18)
Maze game
Use the arrow keys to navigate the three levelled maze. It will keep repeating.
Panda003 (20)
Recreation of Pong game. AI and 1vs1 modes (More modes coming soon) AI Mode: Use Mouse or Keyboard. 1vs1: Both players use the keyboard. -Play...
timmy_i_chen (1036)
Physics Fun with Python Play
Using [Python Play]( is seriously so much fun. In like 40 lines of code I wrote this fun little program with physics....
WillHarmer (14)
Low Budget Idle Game
This idle game is in Pygame. fork repl to save.
lukie2407 (22)
Pygame Side Scroller
a side scroller in pygame(not as smooth in feel free to copy
AbrahamTinajero (27)
VOL 2D V 1.0
*You wake up on an island. WASD around and beat the dungeons in order to get off. * ## About Us Hey guys. It's your group of sixteen-year-olds workin...
GregoryRamires (12)
I created this game with We made this game in our free time at university. To play the RunningBalls you should run the c...