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Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
mat1 (2338)
double helix
its a thing i made in 4 seconds upvote for free happiness ok thank you
LaurinNeff (3)
Estimate Pi with an infinite series
I made a quick little python script that estimates Pi with an infinite series! I'm currently letting it run up to 1 000 000 000 000 000 to see how pre
xLimitlezs (1)
Programa de Aprobación
Programa que nos de el promedio total de cuatro calificaciones diferentes y nos diga si es aprobatorio a reprobatorio
Trapdoorspyder (40)
The Most Boring Game
This game is incredibly boring. Please give it chance though, as the narrator does get rather lonely. This project has been in the making for quite a
Gentrix (4)
Basement Burg
This repl is a game I made for a school project. It's an RPG with aspects of horror to it.
LandanThompson (3)
Chess is the best game ever invented blah blah blah
Komil (5)
It's a simple calculator with few operators, please take a look and give me feedback on what I can do to shorten it (and run the same way it does with
GrantKeo (46)
Information Center
Welcome to the Information Center (It answers questions like I do.) Unfortunately, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HAL-9000, R2-D2, and Cortana are on vac
dhanushka2001 (9)
Log-in and Email user interface
Introduction Hello, this is my first time sharing a repl I made, hope you like it. This is a project I set myself, it started small, to just make a lo
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TheImagin33r (18)
This is a game...
Hi everyone! I made a game. Wait... Nope. this is stil my work in progress! Its not done yet so please don't try it. There are a lot of bugs and I d
ash15khng (305)
Code that gets top post from r/todayilearned
This code uses the Reddit API to get the top post from r/todayilearned, prints it out and adds it to a file. I don't know why I made this but I needed
raulpy (7)
FOTOCRYPT - Encrypting pixels in a photo
hello world! Today I will share with you a code that encrypts and/or decrypts the pixels of an images. encrypted key How it works First, a list o
shrekanddonkey (2)
fi fi thopm
I know what you're thinking I've known it sense you tuned in You're thinking I CAN'T FREESTYLE RAP! Well I've had it up to here with people assuming o
MarcusWeinberger (53) - Secrets, Mysteries, and a New Update! - What I've found I decided (finally) to look into's structure, and see if I could find anything neat. The results are... interesting,
AmeliaBlackwell (914)
The Fishing Game
The Fishing Game Explore your way through the different regions by catching the rarest fish you can. Catch em all to fill up your fishedex! Hi!! This
PCL (240)
Repl Desktop App! (sort of)
A while back I have seen a post about someone wanting to make a repl desktop app. I thought it was a cool project, and decided to try to make it mysel
TimothyAnderso1 (56)
PyNet! Back from the dead!!
Info Desk Aight So basically like 3 months ago I made PyNet 2.0, it was held together by stack overflow answers and a dream, who would have guessed th
mat1 (2338)
██ Empty ██
Empty > Empty is a philosophical game all about life. No matter how hard you try to make something change, nothing will happen. Life is bleak and bor
mat1 (2338)
👀 Domain Hack Finder 👀
Domain Hack Finder Ever want to make a website, but you haven't been sure what you should name it? According to Wikipedia, a domain hack is a domain
robosean00 (1)
Solves your midpoint and distance formulas
For lazy kids in Geometry. Only calculates in 1 and 2d, not 3d.
JesUS11 (1)
Party time
Having a party for my coding mad husband any ideas what to get him (nothing rude pls)
(Help I can't figure out why this has an error when I run it) Start in the town of Kalchester. So far only able to visit stores, with no way to make m
mrsprinkletoes (127)
Hack! - A text-based puzzle game
Use your hacking skills for good and uncover the dark secrets that TechCompany holds. If you are interested, be sure to check back frequently for any
ebest (558)
PIthon: A 100% free crowdsourced Pi host.
PIthon is a crowdsourced Pi calculator that runs with Python. It lets you use your hacker plan for a cause (I don't have hacker plan. I hear h
PCL (240)
🤖Ultimate A.I.🤖
This is Ultimate A.I. He learns how to answer questions and chat the more you speak to him.This was made using a basic "neural network" my class inven
AppliDev (88)
Try to get 1 game!
So recently I was creating a game in python! I decided to create this game! This game is a game that chooses a number between 1 and 20000000 million o
AzureScripts (148)
Banking Simulator
I am working on this for game jam., and i would like some ideas for what i can do to improve! Update 1.7: Added more color (e.g red text when you LOS
lukie2407 (7)
Suduko Cracker
Enter your numbers into board and it will solve it, if not it is invalid It Is A Brute Force Program N = the number of 0's in the board the number
ArpanDhatt (149)
Wikigoogler (Question Answering Bot)
Wikigoogler: It's trying its best ! This is Wikigoogler, an AI which uses the power of Google and Wikipedia to find which answer it thinks is the most