CarrotOnCanvas (2)
Throw Till They Die
A Game That Is Simple. it is made with pydraw and python. This is a simple, but fun game.
georgelovesruth (0)
compatibility checker
cute program for my girlfriend
AidanEch0es (1)
the oregon trail but epic
is it junk code? does it function properly? the world may never know
JeremyMet (2)
Nitro Gen Nederlands Checked
Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro Nitro
JeremyMet (2)
Nitro Gen Nederlands Checked Official
Nitro Gen nederlands Checked! officieel van Georgeconfirmed DuckConfirmed en DjerOfficial
JosephineKellyy (1)
Mini Adventure Game - Dark Forest
The goal of this game is to get through the dark forest without dying! Ap Computer Science Principles
yeetyeet4yeet (6)
This game is an easy tkinter game in python. You click each square and, you see if there is any bomb by it
magggie01 (0)
Here is yet another thingie. I hope you enjoy the questions and all the numbers.
KateGazzola (1)
9s, 3s, and 1s challenge! Hope you enjoy!
shivagomasa (0)
Connect gmail using Python
How to connect to mail using python.
I made this while doing homework. It helped me not have to try and figure out how to do an equation every time. Tell me what you think!
NadiaAnwar (0)
Challenge #1: Percent Challenge
This program will help you figure out the percent change between two numbers
qadams2008 (0)
Text adventure fight beta
please comment on things I should add or fix.I am still pretty new to python
KateGazzola (1)
Percent Challenge
This program will calculate the difference in percentage from one number to the next.
LukeShomper (58)
Slot Machines
Very Simple Slot machine that is going into a much bigger project of mine. click run and it will go fast (yes its laggy cuz and no I'm not buy...
MarkusIzzio (0)
Pythagoras and area calculator
to help with Pythagoras and area of a right angle triangle
KateGazzola (1)
Homework Helper (Area Calculator)
This program will calculate the area of a multitude of regular 2d shapes.
weathercoldscr (0)
Simple YouTube Video Downloader
Imthebestthe (99)
About me
So, this is just some of the stuff that I am involved in. I haven't really been involved in the community recently so I just decided to do thi...
RhinoRunner (571)
Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis
The glitch orbs are back, and this time, they are in the legendary lost city... # Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis As a sequel to [Labyrinth](https://rep...
hemal335 (0)
Mesa ETL Code
I have completed logic. created with pandas logic.
noahwouters (0)
E-reader - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Simple E-reader exercise I do not own the rights to this book
Stickpuppet (0)
A game that will censor certain words you say that is on a list
This project was my first ever biggest project with Python, It isn't perfect since I am still learning but I hope some of you will see this code and l...
my first game
it's tick tack toe, feel free to do whatever you want with it.
EmmanuelAlbert (1)
Python Basics ......Password Checker
this is a fun program that prints out your password in an encrypted form and it can tell you the length of it....enjoy
KoreGreninja (0)
This is just my introduction or you can say my first repl.
Leviathan00 (0)
To-Do list
I thought it would be pretty cool to make a to-do list and credit to Bookie0 (5601) for having an easy-to-understand tutorial.
NihadurSuhan (0)
the gassing game!
I created this game, it is a guessing game. the player has to pick a number in order to win a prize.
kingdracorex (1)
Hello Everybody! I made a game!
Hello! This is my first computer game! It took about a month of work, but it is finally finished! Blockman ext Adventure; nowhere near to the complexi...
IsaiahCrotzer (0)
proto tipe
a litle game just talk to it