Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
toakonguf12 (0)
Arithmetic Calculator
Works if you print it out. The tester is broken for some reason.
AndreiRadu (0)
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gavinwinsagain (4)
Flame$ 1.0.1
the 1.0.1 version of the flame$ console. Check out 1.0.0 version for more info about flame$
Jayon (1)
This demonstrates a bill that the user has to fill to get their total
Pat9665 (0)
women in software
Hi all, Just to let you know i managed to grasp a little knowledge today on the Numpy and this is what I have been doing but got stuck on the even.
17rockellw (0)
Calculator, made by Wilfred R.
AdmiralOf (0)
It's an easy and quick explanation on how to make a discord bot. If you need help on anything, just tell me.
LilaKammer (0)
knock knock jokes
wanna hear some knock knock jokes?
RemyBozung (2)
T test calculate V1
Calculates a t-value and degrees of freedom with the mean, standard deviation, and # of samples of 2 things
imdoug (1)
Rock, paper, scissors!
little quick easy game for you to try
DylanJackson3 (0)
Emoji Calculator
Draw one of three emojis and this program will predict which one!
Age calculator from birthday
This simple program calculates your age with only the input of your birthday.
imdoug (1)
My first game
The first game i developed after taking a few clases of python on youtube
DominicBileci (1)
*NEW* Nuclear Terminal
Use email to get coins. Follow the story. - Ploopy Inc.
AnasKassim (0)
first script I done
learning math in a way of scripting!
imdoug (1)
First Game
The first game that I developed only taking python classes from youtube
python88 (159)
Pokémon Adventure
After working on this for a month, I present you Pokémon Adventure! This is a game with many choices, battles , and friendships. If you manage to comp...
GemCoder (0)
Guessing Game
In this game , you will need to find the number I am thinking that is between 1 and 100 using the clues given inside the game after guess 1 number .
GemCoder (0)
Guessing Game
In this game , you need to find the number between 1 and 100 using the clues given in the game after you guess 1 number .
GemCoder (0)
Guessing Game
In this game , you will need to find the correct number I am thinking between 1 and 100 using the clues given after you guess 1 number .
AndrewAung11 (0)
Linear Search
Go to to use better quality! There is a pseudo code file too! You can write your own repl by looking the p...
SudarshanPawar (0)
Using Calendar in python
how to use calendar library in python
swagkingsr (0)
Short 'make it to your destination' game!
This is my first ever code project so I made a very short 'make it to your destination' game. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.
ScottishSnake (1)
Two Player Trivia
With over 350 lines of code!
BreaRosenhek (0)
Covid Schools Data
For a class project - just learning!
AndrewLi27 (0)
Loops Lesson
Today we learned about how to make a for and while loop. We also learned about integer casting and these two combined to make a simple guessing game!
HyperGamerStuds (56)
Here is my submission for this week's weekly challenge!!
TrngXun (0)
Implement search on Puzzle game problem: BFS, #DFS, UCS, A*
EmmaGao8 (4)
FIZZics #1
Play around with falling bodies and densities while FIZZics #2 is comming up! In FIZZics #1, you can explore densities and falling bodies. Did you kn...
pres18 (0)
6 Weeks Grade Book
code to calculate grades for the 6 weeks