microwave373 (0)
IdleCorp game like IdleCorp discord bot
Jonnyboyboy (0)
Calculator (WIP)
I'm making a graphing calculator, and I wanted to start by figuring out how to evaluate expressions. I've tested this some but please tell me if there...
fireninja7846 (1)
Medivial Craft: Python Edition Version 1.24
This is probably one of the biggest Text Based Adventure Games. It has a load of Aspects to the game and new things that you guys suggested. Please le...
DAEMON816424 (6)
Benji - AI Chatbot
Hello! I've been playing around with RiveScript and I ended up making Benji! Feel free to chat with him and teach him a few things :D Note: Please b...
YoneSweats (0)
Comments and Outputs
Something I made for my AP CSP class, just basic comments, and printing commands.
JWZ6 (4)
Chat with David! He is a computer bot made by me. Enjoy!
FrancescaFaraj (2)
My First Program
This is my first program. So, this is going to be very simple.
teresajardim (0)
tp7 activité i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i...
taylorreade1 (1)
Help me!
Help me make a game that connects to a server and plays a basic game on two players screens.
LordQuakemask (1)
Mad Libs
This is a fun Mad Libs Game
sccshecancode (4)
Function Examples
EliasTheGreat (41)
Just a cool satisfying thing to watch
Nastya2396 (0)
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SamMas (2)
Programming project
Music quiz for GCSE work------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
RybaRybnice (0)
porovnavac 3000
porovnávám čísla hahah porovnávac 3000 porovnávám čísla hahah porovnávac 3000porovnávám čísla hahah porovnávac 3000porovnávám čísla hahah porovnávac 3...
KentLin (0)
Fill in the story.
Fill in the story. Press enter to go on.
funkmatthew (0)
Add your Gene Annotation Here
Hi Everyone, Add your gene annotation here.
johnnyfrancis (7)
Just type in your name and message and hit enter Glitches: This project uses python and writes your messages in either Chatroom1/Chatroom2 ```a.write...
RybaRybnice (0)
Fibonacciho posloupnost
Fibonacciho posloupnost Fibonacciho posloupnost Fibonacciho posloupnost Fibonacciho posloupnostFibonacciho posloupnostFibonacciho posloupnostFibonacci...
MistahSplootch (1)
This this this this this this afasfasfasdfasfasfasfasfdf
JakubSpatny (1)
Fibonacciho posloupnost
Vypíše Fibonacciho posloupnost.
JakubSpatny (1)
Průměr čísel
Vypočítá průměr pěti čísel.
mateuszzdunczyk (0)
R6 Shadow Legacy Sens Calculator (credits eldon12357)
I made this version of the sens calc because eldon12357's sens calc can't be easily accessed anymore.
TehonVD (0)
Muffin man
do you like the muffin man well play this
deus72169 (2)
Auction House
fj alsdkjglkdsj fglsakd jf;la sdjflkajsdf kdsjflkasjdf
TylerHaap (0)
Hang the Man!
It is just Hangman! That is all of the description, but this has to be 50 characters long!
JakubSpatny (1)
Objem krychle
Výpočet objemu krychle.
LukiyanSakharov (0)
Tutorial with Python
This is a tutorial guide for Python which I have created just to get you started with repl.it Python 3 print("Hope you enjoy!")
LorenzoCampos (166)
🐦 Flappy Block 🐦
**Unicode character based** so it runs 'well on repl. If this even reaches half the popularity of snake I'll make a bunch of other small games using s...