AndrewMarkarian (3)
{UPDATE} Among Us Makeover v.2021.03.05
Hey Crewmates! Among Us Makeover has updated. Check it out! _**Duration**_ <1 minute _**Credits:**_ @AndrewMarkarian Python (Turtle) Programming _*...
Thehappysquid (49)
Drawing Application in Turtle!
Drag the turtle to draw scribbles, or click to create a straight line. Use the following keys to change colors: B: Blue R: Red Y: Yellow G: Green K: B...
DorotheaDavidso (0)
Tic Tac Toe
Play Tic Tac Toe online with a friend!
ArjunAchrekar (0)
Bacic shape coding
This will create a rectangle.... from turtle import* pen = Turtle() screen = Screen() pen.forward(100) pen.right(90) pen.forward(50) pen.right(90) p...
This is just a simple code to draw stars
strukusha (0)
function drawGexsagon draw and fill gexsagon
BIGMAN694201337 (0)
a very funny simulator to draw a very funny face in a very funny program. very funny 10/10 recommended
Thehappysquid (49)
Build Game!
Build your heart's content away with this game! Enjoy!!! Use arrow keys to move, and space to place!
JukaKrzelj (0)
ja sam ovo napravio jako je lagano
RedVelvetPanda (0)
A javelin throwing game
It’s pretty fun when yo get the hang of it.
WolfAarmauLover (0)
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Ghucii (0)
Colorful square
I hope you like it
ParikYan (0)
Golden Ratio
G e n e r a t i o n e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e
SetGet (0)
first day coding on python
idk really what I do the only thing that I do its a shit
Turtle Tag release v1.1
Read the instructions and have fun. I worked hard on this game...
AndrewMarkarian (3)
{UPDATE} Among Us Makeover v.2021.03.03
Hey coders! Among Us Makeover has updated. Check it out! If you don't have time don't worry it is not a noticeable update. _**Duration:**_ 1 minute....
Arrox96 (0)
It's a really cool spiral. Just look at the center while it forms.
Arrox96 (0)
It's a self-building house made by me for Coding class.
Parchin (1)
Colorfull something (working one)
sorry for last one. now it's working. Have a nice day!
Parchin (1)
Colorfull something
Try out many vaiants of colors. Look at beauty things!
MichalWujas (1)
import turtle t = turtle.Turtle() def kwadrat(n): for i in range(4): t.fd(50) def kwadraty(k): for i in range(k): kwadrat(10...
MichalWujas (1)
import turtle t = turtle.Turtle() def pieciokat(a): for i in range(5): t.fd(a) t.rt(72) def pieciokaty1(): for i in range(12): pieci...
MichalWujas (1)
import turtle t = turtle.Turtle() def pieciokat(a): for i in range(a): t.fd(a) t.rt(72) x = 40 if x > 10: pieciokat(100)
andliu766 (21)
A nice circle drawn with turtle. Enjoy!
FanFnaf4 (0)
Some Fractals (foo52ru base) for NH
Some Fractals (foo52ru base) for a friend
FanFnaf4 (0)
Fractal Tree L-System (foo52ru base)
Fractal Tree L-System (foo52ru base)
andliu766 (21)
Rainbow Drawing
A nice rainbow drawing. Enjoy!
andliu766 (21)
A nice house
A nice house with a sun and some grass. Enjoy!
jsostmann (0)
# hour of code python code for 2/27/2021
KateGazzola (1)
Random Flags
This program will draw three flags of random heights and colour.