shauryaasingh (5)
Drawing Game
Draw anything you want here. My first ever posted project. More coming soon
DSAAlexa (21)
Create a Character!
Hello everyone! In this repl, you can customize a character's clothing, hair, and even eye color and shoes! If you have any questions, comments, conce...
abanuelo (5)
Draw 1 StreetCode
Draw 1 exercise transitioning from Reeborg
Muffinlavania (1440)
Simple Dice, but with graphics!
## Welcome to Dice Simulator (Basically) This is just something that i worked on for a bit, kinda like my Survival game, but its simple. It's just a d...
jane_ngyn (1)
Better than Bezos
Are you better than Jeff Bezos?!
jeremymclaughlin (3)
A random walking turtle
Using the Turtle and Random libraries, let your turtle take a random walk.
LizFoster (647)
Mandelbrot Set, Enhanced.
Hello all! I have been working on fixing up my old Mandelbrot Set code over the past few days. I will not list everything I changed (and that is defin...
shauryaasingh (5)
Ping Pong
Blah blah blah Instructions on console for future projects most likely
BuurmenTennus (7)
DannyIsCoding (697)
Turtle Race
Hi! I'm on my way to 100 cycles. Every upvote is appreciated. I made a Turtle Race game using python turtle. hope you enjoy! I'm doing a 100 cycles sp...
TimothyAnderso1 (124)
3D Python Turtle!
Aight so, I dont really know why, but I love making overly complex things in limited coding languages, like scratch and python. Not because its anywh...
☃️ Snowman! ☃️
# ❄️ Snowman ❄️ Hi guys, i made a simple snowman using python, turtle. It's like a snowman drawing. # Parts Here's the list of parts it has. + hat...
anyagupta22 (14)
Umm this is a game that I made and this is my 1st game so plz don't judge it was hard for me but this the ng is very relaxing
promike (17)
Circle game
just a little circle ⭕️ It goes around and around
i was bored so i made this
just an 10-year-old who likes this repl has a lot of weird names so yeah. if you want to change it, please credit me, and also my friend @jul...
KateGazzola (1)
Octagon Challenge
An octagon that increases every cycle.
RizalF (1)
Week 4/Coursera
Hi this is my code history
nothplus (68)
How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
Hello Programmers, This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which la...
LizFoster (647)
Logarithms and Inverse Logarithms!
Okay, time for something fun that , for once, ISN'T related to π! (Lol) This program takes a user-inputted base and offset, and graphs the correspond...
davidyu9 (20)
Shooting Game
Shooting game arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot
SuperNintendo11 (2)
Green Robot
It's a robot I guess. This is my first ever repl of a green hulk like robot.
LizFoster (647)
Initial Sprite work for ポケットモンスター ^~^
Hello all ! I am so sorry for being gone all weekend, I was super busy . . T~T However, I do not think you will be disappointed, for I was working on...
Kelvin0 (16)
Interesting patterns using turtles (randomly generated)
I was just messing around with some shapes and made it possible to randomly generate a new pattern each time. This is also my first program using turt...
TimothyAnderso1 (124)
3D rotations in turtle
I am back, and god dammit do i wish i wasnt This was only possible thanks to this article:
LizFoster (647)
Pythagorean Triples
I am so tired... T~T I finally finished it, after slacking off for a few days (やった!) This was honestly a bit frustrating to make.. (Lol) This calcu...
nN34398Ff (107)
Mister Pen
This is a simple (but painstaking) code that prints a mister. Please upvote... and take a look at Mister Pen without turtle.up()'s!!! =) Current Epi...
benji10 (22)
any dimensional cube
The program will create a cube in any dimensions and display it. will only allow up to 5 dimensions though. Press "p" to toggle perspective wh...
A really colourful circle that is really satisfying to watch!!!
LizFoster (647)
The Mandelbrot Set as seen on the Complex Plane
I nearly forgot to post before bed T_T I made this for a school project, but now that it is graded and fully optimized, I want to post it here ^..^...
DSAAlexa (21)
Customize your own character!
Hey everyone! In this repl, you can customize your own character's clothing, hair, and even eye color! Then you can screenshot it to show your friends...